Definition of panty Pronunciation
1. Short trousers for men, or more usually boys.
2. An article of clothing worn as underpants by women.
3. A helmet cover.
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English - English - panty Pronunciation
n. underpants, underwear (for women)
n. pantyhose, stockings
n. tights
English - Spanish - panty Pronunciation
s. Pantimediás (en dialecto)
Spanish - English - panty Pronunciation
n. pantyhose, stockings
English - French - panty Pronunciation
n. slip, culotte (pour femme)
English - German - panty Pronunciation
n. Höschen, Damenslip
English - Italian - panty Pronunciation
s. mutandine
English - Portuguese - panty Pronunciation
s. calcinha, roupa de baixo de mulheres
English - Romanian - panty Pronunciation
a. pantalonaşi: pentru chiloţi sau pantalonaşi
English - Turkish - panty Pronunciation
ök. külot, külotlu
Dutch - English - panty Pronunciation
n. tights
Spanish - German - panty Pronunciation
n. strumpfhose
Dutch - French - panty Pronunciation
(kleding - vrouw) collant (m); collants (mp)
English - Chinese - panty Pronunciation
(名) 妇女或儿童之内裤
English - Chinese - panty Pronunciation
(名) 婦女或兒童之內褲
English - Japanese - panty Pronunciation
(名) パンティー
German - Chinese - panty Pronunciation

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