Definition of pantywaist Pronunciation
1. Weak, timid, effeminate, ineffectual.
His rough, burly father was mortified by the lad's pantywaist behavior.
2. A children's undergarment composed, in part, of panties attached to a waistband.
3. An ineffectual, weak, or timid person, especially a boy or young man; a sissy.
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English - English - pantywaist Pronunciation
n. type of clothing for babies, baby's undergarment that snaps together at the waist
English - Spanish - pantywaist Pronunciation
s. Ropa para bebes
English - French - pantywaist Pronunciation
n. type de vêtement pour bébé, brassière pour bébé, sous vêtement pour nourrisson s'attachant à la taille
English - German - pantywaist Pronunciation
n. Babykleidung
English - Indonesian - pantywaist Pronunciation
n. laki-laki yg bersifat perempuan
English - Italian - pantywaist Pronunciation
s. abbigliamento di neonato
English - Portuguese - pantywaist Pronunciation
s. roupa de neném
English - Russian - pantywaist Pronunciation
неженка; слюнтяй
English - Turkish - pantywaist Pronunciation
i. 1. pantolonu ve bluzu birbirine düğmelenen çocuk tulumu. 2. argo kadınsı adam, efemine erkek.
English - Ukrainian - pantywaist Pronunciation
n. штанці: короткі дитячи штанці, мазунчик
English - Chinese - pantywaist Pronunciation
(名) 幼儿用衣裤; 柔弱的人; 孩童般的男人
English - Chinese - pantywaist Pronunciation
(名) 幼兒用衣褲; 柔弱的人; 孩童般的男人
English - Japanese - pantywaist Pronunciation
(名) 幼児用パンツ; 弱虫

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