Definition of parcel Pronunciation
1. A package wrapped for shipment.
I saw a brown paper parcel on my doorstep.
2. An individual consignment of cargo for shipment, regardless of size and form.
3. A division of land bought and sold as a unit.
I own a small parcel of land between the refinery and the fish cannery.
4. A group of birds.
5. An indiscriminate or indefinite number, measure, or quantity; a collection; a group.
6. A small amount of food that has been wrapped up, for example a pastry.
7. A portion of anything taken separately; a fragment of a whole; a part.
A certain piece of land is part and parcel of another piece.
8. To wrap something up into the form of a package.
9. To wrap a strip around the end of a rope.
Worm and parcel with the lay; turn and serve the other way.
10. To divide and distribute by parts or portions; often with out or into.
11. To add a parcel or item to; to itemize.
12. Part or half; in part; partially.
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English - English - parcel Pronunciation
n. (British) package, bundle; group, gang; field, plot of land, yard
v. pack, bundle; divide, partition; wrap, cover
n. reef, ridge of coral or rock located near the surface of the sea
English - Spanish - parcel Pronunciation
s. parcela, lote; paquete, bulto, fardo
v. empaquetar, envolver; distribuir
English - French - parcel Pronunciation
n. colis, paquet; parcelle, lot
v. empaqueter; parceller, partager; envelopper
English - German - parcel Pronunciation
n. Paket; Päckchen
v. verpacken
English - Indonesian - parcel Pronunciation
n. bungkusan, paket, bingkisan, balutan, kiriman, tumpangan, bidang
v. membagikan
English - Italian - parcel Pronunciation
s. pacco, involto, pacchetto; partita, lotto; (fam) gruppo, branco; appezzamento; (ant) parte, porzione
v. impaccare, impacchettare, involtare; spartire, dividere, distribuire; (Mar) bendare
English - Polish - parcel Pronunciation
n. paczka, pakunek, zawiniątko, przesyłka, posyłka, parcela, partia, szajka
v. paczkować, zabandażować {mar.}, bandażować {mar.}
English - Portuguese - parcel Pronunciation
s. terreno, campo; grupo, bando; pacote
v. embrulhar; empacotar; dividir
English - Romanian - parcel Pronunciation
n. pachet, colet, parcelă, grup {fam.}, clică, bandă
v. face un pachet, face un colet, înfăşura
English - Russian - parcel Pronunciation
с. пакет, сверток, посылка, тюк, группа, кучка, партия товара, участок земли, часть, узел
г. делить на части, дробить, завертывать в пакет, класть клетневину [мор.]
English - Turkish - parcel Pronunciation
f. bölmek, hisselere ayırmak, parsellemek
i. paket, koli, parsel, toplu miktar, parti (mal)
English - Ukrainian - parcel Pronunciation
n. пакунок, посилка, товар: партія товару, ділянка, пачка
v. ділити на частини, подрібнювати, пакунок: загортати в пакунок
Portuguese - English - parcel Pronunciation
n. reef, ridge of coral or rock located near the surface of the sea
English - Dutch - parcel Pronunciation
adv. gedeeltelijk, half
zn. deel, stuk, partij, perceel, kaveling, pakje, pak, pakket
ww. verdelen, kavelen, inpakken
English - Greek - parcel Pronunciation
ουσ. δέμα, πακέτο, τεμάχιο
ρήμ. διαμοιράζω
English - Arabic - parcel Pronunciation
‏حزمة، جزء، رزمة، قطعة أرض، ربطة حزمة‏
‏رزم، قسم، وزع، حزم‏
‏جزئي، جزئيا‏
English - Chinese - parcel Pronunciation
(名) 小包, 包裹; 一批, 一群; 一块, 一片; 一宗
(动) 打包, 捆扎
English - Chinese - parcel Pronunciation
(名) 小包, 包裹; 一批, 一群; 一塊, 一片; 一宗
(動) 打包, 捆紮
English - Hindi - parcel Pronunciation
n. गठरी, पोटली, पार्सल, पुलिंदा, डाक-पार्सल, बुक-पोस्ट, झुंड, गरोह, समूह, ढेर, खंड
v. बाँटना, तक़सीम करना, खंड करना, विभक्त करना, प्रदान करना, बख़्शना, गठरी बनाना, लपेटना
adv. थोड़ा, अधूरा, आंशिक
English - Japanese - parcel Pronunciation
(動) 分割する; 包む; 詰める
(名) 包み; 小包; 1区画; 群れ
English - Korean - parcel Pronunciation
명. 소포, 꾸러미; 조직, 단; 한 구획의 토지
동. 포장을 하다, 짐을 싸다; 나누다; 꾸리다, 한데 뭉뚱구리다
English - Vietnamese - parcel Pronunciation
n. miếng, phần, lô, gói, bưu kiện, gói hàng
v. phân chia, chia ra từng phần, chia hàng hóa ra từng gói, bọc vải nhựa quanh dây thừng
adv. từng phần

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Synonyms for parcel
1. lot: batch, collection, group, quantity
2. bundle: pack, package, packet
3. land: acreage, lot, plot, portion, tract
4. allot: apportion, deal out, distribute, divide, mete out
Verb forms for parcel
Present participle: parcel(l)ing
Present: parcel (3.person: parcels)
Past: parcel(l)ed
Future: will parcel
Present conditional: would parcel
Present Perfect: have parcel(l)ed (3.person: has parcel(l)ed)
Past Perfect: had parcel(l)ed
Future Perfect: will have parcel(l)ed
Past conditional: would have parcel(l)ed