English - Definiton of parcel Pronunciation
n. (British) package, bundle; group, gang; field, plot of land, yard
v. pack, bundle; divide, partition; wrap, cover
n. reef, ridge of coral or rock located near the surface of the sea
English - Spanish - parcel Pronunciation
s. parcela, lote; paquete, bulto, fardo
v. empaquetar, envolver; distribuir
English - French - parcel Pronunciation
n. colis, paquet; parcelle, lot
v. empaqueter; parceller, partager; envelopper
English - German - parcel Pronunciation
n. Paket; Päckchen
v. verpacken
English - Italian - parcel Pronunciation
s. pacco, involto, pacchetto; partita, lotto; (fam) gruppo, branco; appezzamento; (ant) parte, porzione
v. impaccare, impacchettare, involtare; spartire, dividere, distribuire; (Mar) bendare
English - Portuguese - parcel Pronunciation
s. terreno, campo; grupo, bando; pacote
v. embrulhar; empacotar; dividir
English - Russian - parcel Pronunciation
с. пакет, сверток, посылка, тюк, группа, кучка, партия товара, участок земли, часть, узел
г. делить на части, дробить, завертывать в пакет, класть клетневину [мор.]
English - Turkish - parcel Pronunciation
f. bölmek, hisselere ayırmak, parsellemek
i. paket, koli, parsel, toplu miktar, parti (mal)
Portuguese - English - parcel Pronunciation
n. reef, ridge of coral or rock located near the surface of the sea
English - Albanian - parcel Pronunciation
n. grup, sende të paketuara, kope, pako, ngastër, parcelë, tufë
v. paketoj
adv. pjesërisht
English - Dutch - parcel Pronunciation
adv. gedeeltelijk, half
zn. deel, stuk, partij, perceel, kaveling, pakje, pak, pakket
ww. verdelen, kavelen, inpakken
English - Greek - parcel Pronunciation
ουσ. δέμα, πακέτο, τεμάχιο
ρήμ. διαμοιράζω
English - Chinese - parcel Pronunciation
(名) 小包, 包裹; 一批, 一群; 一块, 一片; 一宗
(动) 打包, 捆扎
English - Chinese - parcel Pronunciation
(名) 小包, 包裹; 一批, 一群; 一塊, 一片; 一宗
(動) 打包, 捆紮
English - Japanese - parcel Pronunciation
(動) 分割する; 包む; 詰める
(名) 包み; 小包; 1区画; 群れ
English - Korean - parcel Pronunciation
명. 소포, 꾸러미; 조직, 단; 한 구획의 토지
동. 포장을 하다, 짐을 싸다; 나누다; 꾸리다, 한데 뭉뚱구리다
noun: the result of parcelling out or sharing
noun: a wrapped container
noun: a collection of things wrapped or boxed together
noun: an extended area of land
verb: divide into parts Example:The developers parceled the land.
verb: make into a wrapped container
verb: cover with strips of canvas Example:Parcel rope.
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #61323)
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Synonyms for parcel
1. lot: batch, collection, group, quantity
2. bundle: pack, package, packet
3. land: acreage, lot, plot, portion, tract
4. allot: apportion, deal out, distribute, divide, mete out
Verb forms for parcel
Present participle: parcel(l)ing
Present: parcel (3.person: parcels)
Past: parcel(l)ed
Future: will parcel
Present conditional: would parcel
Present Perfect: have parcel(l)ed (3.person: has parcel(l)ed)
Past Perfect: had parcel(l)ed
Future Perfect: will have parcel(l)ed
Past conditional: would have parcel(l)ed