Definition of pasty Pronunciation
1. Like paste, sticky.
These mashed potatoes aren’t cooked well, they are very pasty.
2. Pale, lacking colour, having a pallor
He is pasty-faced.
Figuratively He was feeling pasty.
Are you feeling OK? You look a bit pasty.
3. White-skinned
4. A small item of clothing that conceals little more than the nipple of a woman's breast, primarily worn by female exotic dancers.
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English - English - pasty Pronunciation
n. casserole, pie (British)
adj. doughy; sticky, adhesive
English - Spanish - pasty Pronunciation
s. queque redondo, empanada, empanadilla, pastel
adj. pastoso; pálido, amarillento, desmejorado, desvaído
English - French - pasty Pronunciation
n. pâté en croûte
adj. pâteux, terreux; empâté; brouillé
English - German - pasty Pronunciation
n. Pastete (englisch); Gebäck
adj. teigig; zähflüssig
English - Italian - pasty Pronunciation
s. pasticcio (di carne)
agg. pastoso; pallido
English - Portuguese - pasty Pronunciation
s. pastel (britânico)
adj. pastoso; pasta
English - Russian - pasty Pronunciation
с. паштет, пирог
прил. тестообразный, вязкий, бледный; одутловатый, нездоровый
English - Turkish - pasty Pronunciation
i. etli börek, mantı
s. hamur gibi, macun gibi, solgun, soluk
English - Dutch - pasty Pronunciation
bn. deegachtig
zn. vleespastei
English - Greek - pasty Pronunciation
ουσ. κρεατόπιτα
επίθ. αρρωστιάρικος, ζυμώδης, κολλώδης
English - Chinese - pasty Pronunciation
(名) 肉馅饼
(形) 浆糊的; 苍白的; 面糊状的; 不健康的
English - Chinese - pasty Pronunciation
(名) 肉餡餅
(形) 漿糊的; 蒼白的; 麵糊狀的; 不健康的
English - Japanese - pasty Pronunciation
(名) 肉入りパイ
(形) 青白い
English - Korean - pasty Pronunciation
명. 고기 파이
형. 풀의, 풀 같은, 가루 반죽의, 가루 반죽 같은

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Synonyms for pasty
1. pale: pallid, wan, sallow, anemic, ashen, bloodless, sickly
2. doughy: sticky, gluey, gummy, viscous, gelatinous, gooey, adhesive