Definition of pathologically Pronunciation
1. In a pathological manner.
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English - English - pathologically Pronunciation
adv. in a pathological manner, abnormally; from the point of view of pathology
English - Spanish - pathologically Pronunciation
adv. patológicamente, en forma patológica
English - French - pathologically Pronunciation
adv. pathologiquement
English - German - pathologically Pronunciation
adv. pathologisch; aus pathologischer Sicht
English - Italian - pathologically Pronunciation
avv. patologicamente; dal punto di vista patologico
English - Portuguese - pathologically Pronunciation
adv. de forma patológica; de maneira patológica
English - Romanian - pathologically Pronunciation
adv. patologic
English - Turkish - pathologically Pronunciation
patolojik olarak
English - Greek - pathologically Pronunciation
επίρ. παθολογικώς
English - Chinese - pathologically Pronunciation
(副) 病理上; 病态地
English - Chinese - pathologically Pronunciation
(副) 病理上; 病態地
English - Japanese - pathologically Pronunciation
(副) 病理学的に

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