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English English - Definition of patriarchate 
n. jurisdiction of the patriarchy; patriarchy, social organization in which the father is the highest authority
Spanish English To Spanish - patriarchate 
s. patriarcado
French English To French - patriarchate 
n. patriarcat
German English To German - patriarchate 
n. Patriarchat, Vaterherrschaft
Italian English To Italian - patriarchate 
s. patriarcato
Portuguese English To Portuguese - patriarchate 
s. patriarcado; território de um patriarca
Russian English To Russian - patriarchate 
с. патриаршество, патриархия, резиденция патриарха; патриархат
Turkish English To Turkish - patriarchate 
i. ataerki, patriklik
Albanian English To Albanian - patriarchate 
n. patriarkat, post i patrikut [fet.]
Dutch English To Dutch - patriarchate 
zn. patriarchaat
Greek English To Greek - patriarchate 
ουσ. πατριαρχείο
ChineseS English To ChineseS - patriarchate 
(名) 家长的地位; 宗族社会
ChineseT English To ChineseT - patriarchate 
(名) 家長的地位; 宗族社會
Japanese English To Japanese - patriarchate 
(名) 家長
Korean English To Korean - patriarchate 
명. 가장의 지위, 가장의 권한, 가장의 임기, 가장의 관구, 가장의 저택, 가장 정치, 가장 제도, 족장정치, 족장 제도, 부권 사회
noun: the jurisdiction of a patriarch
noun: a form of social organization in which a male is the family head and title is traced through the male line


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