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English English - Definition of patrol 
n. guard, watch; reconnaissance tour, scouting tour; squad car
v. scout, make a reconnaissance tour; keep safe, maintain security
n. patrol, guard, watch; reconnaissance tour, scouting tour; squad car
Spanish English To Spanish - patrol 
s. patrulla
v. patrullar, rondar
French English To French - patrol 
n. patrouille; garde; patrouille(motorisé)
v. patrouiller, reconnaître le terrain
German English To German - patrol 
n. Patrouille; Streife; Spähtrupp
v. patrouillieren; die Streife machen
Italian English To Italian - patrol 
s. perlustrazione; (Mil) pattugliamento; ronda; pattuglia di ricognizione; sestiglia
v. perlustrare; (Mil) pattugliare, ispezionare con una pattuglia
Portuguese English To Portuguese - patrol 
s. patrulha; ronda; carro-patrulha
v. rondar; patrulhar
Russian English To Russian - patrol 
с. патруль, дозор, разъезд
г. патрулировать, охранять, стоять на страже, надзирать
Turkish English To Turkish - patrol 
f. devriye gezmek
i. devriye, devriye gezme, keşif kolu
English Portuguese To English - patrol 
(m) n. patrol, guard, watch; reconnaissance tour, scouting tour; squad car
Albanian English To Albanian - patrol 
n. patrullë, patrullim, vrojtim
v. patrulloj
Dutch English To Dutch - patrol 
zn. (verkennings)patrouille
ww. patrouilleren, de ronde doen
Greek English To Greek - patrol 
ουσ. περιπολία, περίπολος, φρουρός
ρήμ. φρουρώ, περιπολώ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - patrol 
(名) 巡逻, 侦察; 巡逻队; 巡逻兵; 巡逻舰队
(动) 巡逻; 侦察; 巡逻; 巡查
ChineseT English To ChineseT - patrol 
(名) 巡邏, 偵察; 巡邏隊; 巡邏兵; 巡邏艦隊
(動) 巡邏; 偵察; 巡邏; 巡查
Japanese English To Japanese - patrol 
(動) パトロールする, 巡回する
(名) パトロール, 巡回; 巡回車; 巡察隊
Korean English To Korean - patrol 
명. 순찰병, 정찰병; 순찰, 정찰; 순찰차
동. 순찰하다, 순시하다; 안전을 지키다
noun: the activity of going around or through an area at regular intervals for security purposes
noun: a detachment used for security or reconnaissance
noun: a group that goes through a region at regular intervals for the purpose of security
verb: maintain the security of by carrying out a control


 Synonyms for patrol
1. defense: defending, protection, safekeeping, vigilance, protecting, safeguarding
2. sentinel: sentry, guard, scout, look-out, protector, defender, watch
3. guard: watch, inspect, police, monitor
Tenses for patrol
Present participle: patrolling
Present: patrol (3.person: patrols)
Past: patrolled
Future: will patrol
Present conditional: would patrol
Present Perfect: have patrolled (3.person: has patrolled)
Past Perfect: had patrolled
Future Perfect: will have patrolled
Past conditional: would have patrolled

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