Definition of pawnshop Pronunciation
1. The business premises of a pawnbroker; where loans are made, with personal property as security
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English - English - pawnshop Pronunciation
n. store in which personal objects are mortgaged as security for loan
English - Spanish - pawnshop Pronunciation
s. casa de empeños, casa de préstamos, monte de piedad
English - French - pawnshop Pronunciation
n. bureau de prêt sur gage, maison de prêt sur gages; mont-de-piété
English - German - pawnshop Pronunciation
n. Pfandhaus, Pfandleihe
English - Italian - pawnshop Pronunciation
s. monte di pietà; agenzia di pegni su prestito
English - Portuguese - pawnshop Pronunciation
s. casa de penhores
English - Russian - pawnshop Pronunciation
с. ломбард
English - Turkish - pawnshop Pronunciation
i. rehinci
English - Dutch - pawnshop Pronunciation
zn. lommerd, pandjeshuis
English - Greek - pawnshop Pronunciation
ουσ. ενεχυροδανειστήριο
English - Chinese - pawnshop Pronunciation
(名) 当铺
English - Chinese - pawnshop Pronunciation
(名) 當鋪
English - Japanese - pawnshop Pronunciation
(名) 質屋
English - Korean - pawnshop Pronunciation
명. 전당포

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