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English English - Definition of pay back 
return money that was borrowed; repay; take revenge
Spanish English To Spanish - pay back 
devolver; compensar
French English To French - pay back 
remboursement; restitution (d"un emprunt); versement (d'argent)
German English To German - pay back 
Italian English To Italian - pay back 
pagare, saldare, liquidare; rimborsare; ripagare, ricompensare, contraccambiare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - pay back 
devolver; restituir, pagar
Russian English To Russian - pay back 
возвращать, отплачивать, выплачивать
Turkish English To Turkish - pay back 
geri ödemek, geri vermek, acısını çıkarmak, öç almak
Albanian English To Albanian - pay back 
v. kthej borxhin, kthej: ia kthej me të njëjtën monedhë [fig.], marr hakun
Dutch English To Dutch - pay back 
ww. betaald zetten, terugbetalen
Greek English To Greek - pay back 
ξαναπληρώνω, επιστρέφω δανεικά
ChineseS English To ChineseS - pay back 
偿还; 报复; 报答
ChineseT English To ChineseT - pay back 
償還; 報復; 報答
Japanese English To Japanese - pay back 
返す; にを返す; 仕返しをする
Korean English To Korean - pay back 
갚다, 되돌려 주다, 돈을 되돌려 주다, 끄다
verb: take vengeance on or get even
verb: act or give recompensation in recognition of someone's behavior or actions


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