Definition of peel off Pronunciation
1. To separate off from the main body, to move off to one side; as in troop movements on a parade ground or an organized retreat, or columns in a procession.
2. To remove (an outer layer or covering, such as clothing).
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English - English - peel off Pronunciation
v. remove the outer layer of something; remove, take off (as of clothing); come off in small pieces; fall off in flakes (of skin); depart; break off from a group of airplanes flying in formation
English - Spanish - peel off Pronunciation
v. despegar, desconcharse, desnudarse
English - French - peel off Pronunciation
v. peler; s'écailler; décortiquer; se desquamer; écarter; se détacher; se décrépir
English - German - peel off Pronunciation
v. Abschälen, die äußere Schicht von etwas abnehmen; abnehmen (z.B. bei Kleidung); abblättern (bei Haut); abfahren; sich von einer Flugzeugformation ablösen
English - Indonesian - peel off Pronunciation
v. melepaskan, keluar
English - Polish - peel off Pronunciation
v. kora: tracić korę, zrzucać z siebie wierzchnią odzież
English - Portuguese - peel off Pronunciation
v. descascar; despir; partir
English - Romanian - peel off Pronunciation
v. scoate de pe, scoate coaja
English - Russian - peel off Pronunciation
шелушиться, лупиться, облезть, сходить
English - Turkish - peel off Pronunciation
f. kabuğunu soymak, soyulmak, dökülmek (deri), inişe geçmek
English - Ukrainian - peel off Pronunciation
v. виходити із загального строю, облуплюватися, лупитися, обсипатися
English - Dutch - peel off Pronunciation
ww. schillen, afschillen, ontschorsen
English - Arabic - peel off Pronunciation
‏إنحرف عن السرب للانقضاض، إنحرف للهبوط‏
English - Chinese - peel off Pronunciation
v. 脱衣服 (tuo1 yı1 fu2), 剥离 (bo1 lı2), 剥落 (bo1 luo4)
English - Chinese - peel off Pronunciation
v. 脫衣服 (tuo1 yı1 fu2), 剝離 (bo1 lı2), 剝落 (bo1 luo4)
English - Hindi - peel off Pronunciation
v. कपड़ा उतार लेना, पोशाक उतार लेना, जा जाना
English - Japanese - peel off Pronunciation
(動) 剥ぐ, 剥ぐ, 剥がす, 剥す, 剥ける, 剥げ落ちる, 剥離する, 剥落する
English - Korean - peel off Pronunciation
...을 벗기다, 허물벗다

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