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English English - Definition of pele 
n. fortified tower on the borders of England and Scotland during the 16th century
n. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pele (born 1940), most famous Brazilian soccer player
n. Pele, family name; Edson Arantes do Nascimento (born 1940), most famous Brazilian soccer player; Polynesian goddess (of fire, lightning, dance, volcanoes and violence)
Spanish English To Spanish - pele 
s. Pele,Torre fortaleza (en la zona que limita entre Inglaterra y Escocia del siglo XVI)
French English To French - pele 
n. tour fortifiée (à la frontière écossaise-anglaise au 16ième siècle)
German English To German - pele 
[Pele] n. Pele, Nachname; Edson Arantes do Nascimento Pele (geboren 1940), berühmtester brasilianischer Fußballspieler; polynesische Gottheit (des Feuers, Blitz, Tanz, Vulkane and Gewalttätigkeit)
n. ein befestigter Turm (auf der Grenze zwischen England und Schottland im 16. Jahrhundert)
Italian English To Italian - pele 
s. torre fortificata (nelle zone di confine fra Inghilterra e Scozia del sedicesimo secolo)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - pele 
s. fortaleza, torre fortificada nas regiões limítrofes da Inglaterra e da Escócia no século XVI
Russian English To Russian - pele 
English Portuguese To English - pele 
n. skin, derm, fur, peel, iacket
English Spanish To English - pele 
[pelar] v. peel; husk; blanch; rind; fleece; shell
Greek English To Greek - pele 
Japanese English To Japanese - pele 
(名) 防護壁
(名) ペレ, 姓; エドソン アランテス ド ナシメント(1940年生まれ), 最も有名なブラジル人サッカー選手; ポリネシアの女神(火, 光, ダンス, 火山と乱暴)
French Portuguese To French - pele 
1. (toucinho) couenne (f) 2. (batata) peau (f); robe (f) 3. (fruta) peau (f); épluchures (m/f)
4. (material) peau (f) 5. (animais) poil (m); pelage (m); fourrure (f); peau (f) 6. (anatomia) peau (f); épiderme (m); peaux (fp)
7. (vestimenta) manteau de fourrure; fourrure (f)


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