Spanish - English - pelo Pronunciation
[pelo (m)] n. hair, any of a number of fine filaments which grow from the skin of animals and humans; coat, protective outer covering
Italian - English - pelo Pronunciation
n. hair, pile, coat, fur
Portuguese - English - pelo Pronunciation
prep. by the
Spanish - French - pelo Pronunciation
1. (general) cheveux (mp); chevelure (f)
2. (distancia) épaisseur d'un cheveu
3. (cuerpo) poil (m)
Spanish - German - pelo Pronunciation
n. haar, kopfhaar, behaarung, flaum, fell, strich, faser, lappalie
Spanish - Russian - pelo Pronunciation
n. волос, шерсть, масть
Italian - French - pelo Pronunciation
1. (distanza) épaisseur d'un cheveu
2. (corpo) poil (m)
3. (animali) poil (m); pelage (m); fourrure (f)
Italian - German - pelo Pronunciation
n. haardecke, pelz, flaum, haar, haarkleid, fell
Portuguese - French - pelo Pronunciation
1. (corpo) poil (m)
2. (animais) poil (m); pelage (m); fourrure (f)
3. (razão) par
Spanish - Korean - pelo Pronunciation
n. 머리카락, 털

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Synonyms for pelo
1. filamento: hebra, fibra
2. cabello: pelusa, vello, bozo, crin, hebra, cerda
3. pizca: pequeñez