Definition of penetrate Pronunciation
1. To enter into; to make way into the interior of; to pierce.
Light penetrates darkness.
2. To achieve understanding of, despite some obstacle; to comprehend; to understand.
I could not penetrate Burke's opaque rhetoric.
3. To affect profoundly through the senses or feelings; to move deeply.
To penetrate one's heart with pity
4. To infiltrate an enemy to gather intelligence.
5. To insert the penis into an opening, such as a vagina or anus. rfex
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English - English - penetrate Pronunciation
v. pass into, enter, pierce; permeate; understand, comprehend
v. penetrate, penetrate into, permeate, pierce, pierce into; enter; soak, soak in, seep into, sink in, sink; steal into
v. penetrate, permeate; perforate; emerge; infiltrate; lodge; fathom
English - Spanish - penetrate Pronunciation
v. penetrar, adentrarse, internarse, profundizar; permear; ser penetrante
English - French - penetrate Pronunciation
v. pénétrer; percer; comprendre
English - German - penetrate Pronunciation
v. penetrieren; durchdringen; verstehen
English - Italian - penetrate Pronunciation
v. penetrare in; entrare in, addentrarsi in; pervadere, permeare, compenetrare, spargersi in; riuscire a comprendere; approfondire; (Comm) ottenere la penetrazione economica in
English - Portuguese - penetrate Pronunciation
v. penetrar, introduzir-se; permear-se, permear; compreender, entender
English - Russian - penetrate Pronunciation
г. проникать внутрь, проходить сквозь, входить, пробирать, пронимать, глубоко трогать
English - Turkish - penetrate Pronunciation
f. içine girmek, arasından geçmek, sokulmak, işlemek, içyüzünü anlamak, nüfuz etmek
English - Dutch - penetrate Pronunciation
ww. doortrekken, doordringen, indringen, doorgronden, doorzien, doorstoten, binnendringen
English - Greek - penetrate Pronunciation
ρήμ. διαπερώ, εισχωρώ, διαπερνώ
English - Chinese - penetrate Pronunciation
(动) 穿透, 看穿, 渗透; 刺入, 渗透, 看穿
English - Chinese - penetrate Pronunciation
(動) 穿透, 看穿, 滲透; 刺入, 滲透, 看穿
English - Japanese - penetrate Pronunciation
(動) 貫通する; 染み込む; 通る; 浸透する; 透過する
English - Korean - penetrate Pronunciation
동. 통과하다, 관통하다, 꿰뚫다; 스며들다; 이해하다, 파악하다

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Dictionary Extension
Synonyms for penetrate
1. pierce: bore, stab, enter, pervade, permeate, perforate, probe
2. touch
3. understand: comprehend, grasp, discern, fathom
Verb forms for penetrate
Present participle: penetrating
Present: penetrate (3.person: penetrates)
Past: penetrated
Future: will penetrate
Present conditional: would penetrate
Present Perfect: have penetrated (3.person: has penetrated)
Past Perfect: had penetrated
Future Perfect: will have penetrated
Past conditional: would have penetrated