n. passing into, piercing, permeation; understanding; comprehension
n. penetration, passing into, piercing, permeation
n. penetration, percolation, permeation, invasion
English - Spanish - penetration Pronunciation
s. penetración, entrada; agudeza mental; infiltración
English - French - penetration Pronunciation
n. pénétration; compréhension; intelligence
English - German - penetration Pronunciation
n. Penetration; Verstehen; Auffassen
English - Italian - penetration Pronunciation
s. penetrazione; intuizione, prontezza
English - Portuguese - penetration Pronunciation
s. penetração; permeio, infiltração; compreensão, entendimento
English - Russian - penetration Pronunciation
с. проникание, проникновение; острота; вторжение, пробивная способность, глубина разрушения; проходка [горн.]; провар
English - Turkish - penetration Pronunciation
i. içe girme, içine işleme, delme, keskinlik (göz), nüfuz, etki, kavrama, zekâ
German - English - penetration Pronunciation
n. passing into, piercing, permeation; understanding; comprehension
English - Albanian - penetration Pronunciation
n. depërtim, thellësi depërtimi, zhbirim [fig.], mprehtësi [fig.]
English - Dutch - penetration Pronunciation
zn. scherpzinnigheid, doordringen, binnendringen : het binnendringen, doordringingsvermogen, doorzicht
English - Greek - penetration Pronunciation
ουσ. διαπέραση, διαπεραστικότης, εισχώρηση, διείσδυση, οξύτης
German - Spanish - penetration Pronunciation
n. penetración (f)
German - French - penetration Pronunciation
n. pénétration (f)
German - Russian - penetration Pronunciation
n. проникновение (f)
German - Turkish - penetration Pronunciation
i. içe girme (f)
English - Chinese - penetration Pronunciation
(名) 穿透; 穿透深度; 穿透能力; 渗透
English - Chinese - penetration Pronunciation
(名) 穿透; 穿透深度; 穿透能力; 滲透
English - Japanese - penetration Pronunciation
(名) 浸透; 洞察力
English - Korean - penetration Pronunciation
명. 침투, 간파, 관통; 이해, 통찰
German - Chinese - penetration Pronunciation
[die] 贯穿。渗透。渗入。穿透。(医学)穿孔。
noun: the act of entering into or through something Example:The penetration of upper management by women.
noun: the act (by a man) of inserting his penis into the vagina of a woman
noun: an attack that penetrates into enemy territory
noun: the depth to which something penetrates (especially the depth reached by a projectile that hits a target)
noun: the ability to make way into or through something Example:The greater penetration of the new projectiles will result in greater injuries.
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Synonyms for penetration
1. acumen: keenness, perception, discernment, insight, awareness
2. piercing: invasion, incision, puncture, entrance, perforation