Definition of peppery Pronunciation
1. Having the taste of pepper.
2. Having a fiery temperament.
A peppery old Army major
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English - English - peppery Pronunciation
adj. spicy, piquant; peppered; sharp-tempered, irritable
English - Spanish - peppery Pronunciation
adj. picante, con sabor a pimienta; irascible, enojadizo
English - French - peppery Pronunciation
adj. poivré, piquant, épicé; ingénieux, malin; emporté, colérique
English - German - peppery Pronunciation
adj. pfefferig, scharf; hitzig, jähzornig
English - Italian - peppery Pronunciation
agg. pepato; piccante, pungente; (fig) irascibile, iracondo; caustico, mordace
English - Portuguese - peppery Pronunciation
adj. picante; apimentado; de caráter raivoso
English - Russian - peppery Pronunciation
прил. наперченный, острый, едкий, вспыльчивый, раздражительный
English - Turkish - peppery Pronunciation
s. biberli, biber gibi, acı, geçimsiz, huysuz
English - Albanian - peppery Pronunciation
adj. piper: me piper, piperosur: i piperosur, spec: me spec, therës [fig.], gjaknxehtë [fig.], zemërak [fig.]
English - Dutch - peppery Pronunciation
bn. peperachtig, gepeperd, scherp, driftig
English - Greek - peppery Pronunciation
επίθ. καυστικός, πιπερώδης
English - Chinese - peppery Pronunciation
(形) 胡椒的, 很辣的, 辛辣的
English - Chinese - peppery Pronunciation
(形) 胡椒的, 很辣的, 辛辣的
English - Japanese - peppery Pronunciation
(形) 胡椒の; 短気な; ピリッとする; 辛口な
English - Korean - peppery Pronunciation
형. 후추의, 후추 같은

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Synonyms for peppery
1. sarcastic: biting, acute, sharp, stinging
2. seasoned: hot, piquant, pungent, spicy
3. testy: choleric, churlish, hot-headed, hot-tempered, irascible, irritable, petulant