Definition of perforate Pronunciation
1. To pierce; to penetrate
2. To make a line of holes in a thin material to allow separation at the line
3. Perforated
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English - English - perforate Pronunciation
v. puncture, pierce; make holes, punch holes
v. pierce, perforate, bore, drill, pick, punch, tap
adj. perforated, punctured, pierced, holed
English - Spanish - perforate Pronunciation
v. perforar, acribillar, agujerear, barrenar, horadar, penetrar, penetrar a través de, taladrar, traspasar, trepanar
English - French - perforate Pronunciation
v. perforer; trouer
English - German - perforate Pronunciation
v. perforieren
English - Italian - perforate Pronunciation
v. perforare, traforare; trapassare; dentellare
English - Portuguese - perforate Pronunciation
v. esburacar; perfurar
English - Russian - perforate Pronunciation
г. перфорировать, пробуравливать, пробивать отверстие
English - Turkish - perforate Pronunciation
f. delmek, delikli yapmak, içine işlemek
English - Dutch - perforate Pronunciation
bn. geperforeerd
ww. perforeren, doorboren
English - Greek - perforate Pronunciation
επίθ. διάτρητος
ρήμ. διατρυπώ
English - Chinese - perforate Pronunciation
(动) 穿孔于, 打眼于; 打孔穿透; 在...上打齿孔; 打孔穿入; 穿孔; 贯穿; 穿过; 刺穿
English - Chinese - perforate Pronunciation
(動) 穿孔于, 打眼於; 打孔穿透; 在...上打齒孔; 打孔穿入; 穿孔; 貫穿; 穿過; 刺穿
English - Japanese - perforate Pronunciation
(動) 穴をあける; 貫通する; ミシン目を入れる
English - Korean - perforate Pronunciation
동. 구멍을 뚫다; 종이에 구멍을 내다

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Synonyms for perforate
punch: pierce, puncture, penetrate, bore, hole, riddle
Verb forms for perforate
Present participle: perforating
Present: perforate (3.person: perforates)
Past: perforated
Future: will perforate
Present conditional: would perforate
Present Perfect: have perforated (3.person: has perforated)
Past Perfect: had perforated
Future Perfect: will have perforated
Past conditional: would have perforated