Definition of perfume Pronunciation
1. A pleasant smell; the scent, odor, or odoriferous particles emitted from a sweet-smelling substance; a pleasant odor; fragrance; aroma.
2. A substance created to provide a pleasant smell or one which emits an agreeable odor.
3. To apply perfume to; to fill or impregnate with a perfume; to scent.
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English - English - perfume Pronunciation
n. cologne, eau de toilette; scent
v. give a scent, scent with perfume
v. scent, perfume
English - Spanish - perfume Pronunciation
s. perfume, aroma, esencia, fragancia, olor
v. perfumar, aromar, aromatizar
Spanish - English - perfume Pronunciation
[perfume (m)] n. scent, odor, perfume
English - French - perfume Pronunciation
n. parfum; odeur
v. parfumer
English - German - perfume Pronunciation
n. Parfüm
v. parfümieren
English - Italian - perfume Pronunciation
s. (Cosmet) profumo, essenza; fragranza, aroma
v. profumare
English - Portuguese - perfume Pronunciation
s. perfume; aroma
v. perfumar
English - Russian - perfume Pronunciation
с. благоухание, аромат, запах, духи
г. душить, подушить, делать благоуханным
English - Turkish - perfume Pronunciation
f. parfüm sürmek, güzel koku vermek
i. parfüm, güzel koku
Portuguese - English - perfume Pronunciation
n. aroma, essence; fragrance, odor; perfume, scent; smell
English - Dutch - perfume Pronunciation
ww. parfumeren, geurig maken, doorgeuren
English - Greek - perfume Pronunciation
ουσ. άρωμα, ευωδιά
ρήμ. αρωματίζω
Spanish - French - perfume Pronunciation
1. (oler) fragrance (f){formal}; parfum (m); senteur (f)
2. (cosméticos) parfum (m)
Spanish - German - perfume Pronunciation
n. parfüm, parfum, duft, aroma, bukett, geruch
Spanish - Russian - perfume Pronunciation
n. духи, аромат
Portuguese - French - perfume Pronunciation
1. (cheirar) fragrance (f) {formal}; parfum (m); senteur (f)
2. (cosméticos) parfum (m)
English - Chinese - perfume Pronunciation
(名) 香味, 芳香; 香料; 香水
(动) 使发香, 发香味, 洒香水于
English - Chinese - perfume Pronunciation
(名) 香味, 芳香; 香料; 香水
(動) 使發香, 發香味, 灑香水於
English - Japanese - perfume Pronunciation
(動) 香水をつける; よい香りで満たす
(名) パヒューム, 香水; 香り
English - Korean - perfume Pronunciation
명. 향수, 화장수; 향기
동. 향수를 뿌리다, 향을 내다
Spanish - Korean - perfume Pronunciation
n. 향수

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Synonyms for perfume
1. scent: aroma, fragrance, odour, redolence, smell
2. cologne: balm, essence, incense, scent
3. scent: odourise, odourize, aromatise, aromatize, savour
Verb forms for perfume
Present participle: perfuming
Present: perfume (3.person: perfumes)
Past: perfumed
Future: will perfume
Present conditional: would perfume
Present Perfect: have perfumed (3.person: has perfumed)
Past Perfect: had perfumed
Future Perfect: will have perfumed
Past conditional: would have perfumed