Definition of peripatetic Pronunciation
1. Tending to walk about.
2. Constantly travelling; itinerant; nomadic.
3. Having to do with Aristotle, his philosophy, or the school of thought which he founded.
4. One who walks about; a pedestrian; an itinerant.
5. One who accepts the philosophy of Aristotle or his school; an Aristotelian.
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English - English - peripatetic Pronunciation
n. drifter, wanderer, vagabond
adj. moving, wandering, nomadic; occurring while walking about
English - Spanish - peripatetic Pronunciation
s. Vagabundo; nómado
adj. peripatético, ambulante
English - French - peripatetic Pronunciation
n. vagabond, nomade
adj. ambulant, itinérant
English - German - peripatetic Pronunciation
n. Vagabund
adj. peripatetisch, umherziehend, Wander-
English - Italian - peripatetic Pronunciation
s. peripatetico, aristotelico
agg. (Filos) peripatetico, aristotelico
English - Portuguese - peripatetic Pronunciation
s. vagabundo, viajante
adj. peripatético; aquele que fica vagando, passeando
English - Russian - peripatetic Pronunciation
с. странник, странствующий торговец, внештатный работник
прил. странствующий, внештатный
English - Turkish - peripatetic Pronunciation
s. gezginci, fazla ayrıntılı, gezimciliğe ait (aristo)
English - Dutch - peripatetic Pronunciation
bn. rondtrekkend
zn. scherts zwerver, zwerver, marskramer
English - Greek - peripatetic Pronunciation
επίθ. περιπατητικός, περιφερόμενος, πλανόδιος
English - Chinese - peripatetic Pronunciation
(名) 走来走去的人; 逍遥学派的弟子; 行商
(形) 逍遥学派的, 走来走去的
English - Chinese - peripatetic Pronunciation
(名) 走來走去的人; 逍遙學派的弟子; 行商
(形) 逍遙學派的, 走來走去的
English - Japanese - peripatetic Pronunciation
(形) 歩きまわる; 逍遥学派の; 渡り歩く
(名) 旅行者; 逍遥学派の学徒; 行商人; 逍遥
English - Korean - peripatetic Pronunciation
명. 여행자
형. 소요 학파의, 걸어 돌아다니는

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