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English English - Definition of permeate 
v. enter, penetrate; infiltrate, pervade; suffuse
v. permeate, imbue
Spanish English To Spanish - permeate 
v. permear, invadir, penetrar, recargar, trasminar, trazumarse; empapar, impregnar
French English To French - permeate 
v. filtrer, passer, à travers quelque chose; pénétrer; s'infiltrer; s'insinuer
German English To German - permeate 
v. durchdringen; eindringen; einsickern
Italian English To Italian - permeate 
v. pervadere, permanere
Portuguese English To Portuguese - permeate 
v. permear; penetrar; introduzir-se
Russian English To Russian - permeate 
г. проникать, проходить сквозь, пропитывать, распространяться
Turkish English To Turkish - permeate 
f. geçmek, sızmak, sinmek, yayılmak
Albanian English To Albanian - permeate 
v. përshkoj, depërtoj, përhap, përhapem
Dutch English To Dutch - permeate 
ww. doordringen, doortrekken
Greek English To Greek - permeate 
ρήμ. διεισδύω, διαπερώ, διαχωρώ, διαχύνομαι
ChineseS English To ChineseS - permeate 
(动) 弥漫, 充满, 渗透; 透入
ChineseT English To ChineseT - permeate 
(動) 彌漫, 充滿, 滲透; 透入
Japanese English To Japanese - permeate 
(動) しみ通る; 広がる
Korean English To Korean - permeate 
동. 스며들다, 침투하다; 퍼지다, 충만하다; 가득차다, 자욱해지다
verb: spread or diffuse through Example:An atmosphere of distrust has permeated this administration.
verb: penetrate mutually or be interlocked
verb: pass through Example:Water permeates sand easily.


 Synonyms for permeate
interfuse: pervade, saturate, impregnate, percolate
Tenses for permeate
Present participle: permeating
Present: permeate (3.person: permeates)
Past: permeated
Future: will permeate
Present conditional: would permeate
Present Perfect: have permeated (3.person: has permeated)
Past Perfect: had permeated
Future Perfect: will have permeated
Past conditional: would have permeated

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