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English English - Definition of persiflage 
n. mockery, ridicule; humor; scoffing, taunting
n. persiflage, ridicule
Spanish English To Spanish - persiflage 
s. zumba, burla, guasa
French English To French - persiflage 
n. persiflage, moquerie, humour, ironie, raillerie
German English To German - persiflage 
n. Verspottung
Italian English To Italian - persiflage 
s. presa in giro, canzonatura
Portuguese English To Portuguese - persiflage 
s. mofa, gozação, desprezo
Russian English To Russian - persiflage 
с. подшучивание, легкая шутка
Turkish English To Turkish - persiflage 
i. takılma, alay
English French To English - persiflage 
(m) n. persiflage, ridicule
English German To English - persiflage 
n. mockery, ridicule; humor; scoffing, taunting
Albanian English To Albanian - persiflage 
n. bisedë e lehtë, hokë, shaka
Greek English To Greek - persiflage 
ουσ. ελαφρή σάτιρα, εμπαιγμός
French Dutch To French - persiflage 
(algemeen) persiflage (m); raillerie (f); moquerie (f)
Dutch French To Dutch - persiflage 
(général) persiflage (f); spotternij (f)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - persiflage 
(名) 戏弄, 挖苦, 嘲弄
ChineseT English To ChineseT - persiflage 
(名) 戲弄, 挖苦, 嘲弄
Japanese English To Japanese - persiflage 
(名) 冗談; ひやかし; おどけ
Korean English To Korean - persiflage 
명. 야유
German French To German - persiflage 
n. stichelei, persiflage
Italian French To Italian - persiflage 
(général) persiflage {invariable}; presa in giro; canzonatura (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - persiflage 
(général) deboche (m); zombaria (f); mofa (f)
Russian French To Russian - persiflage 
n. насмешка (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - persiflage 
(général) burla (f); zumba (f){informal}; guasa (f){informal}; mofa (f){informal}
Turkish French To Turkish - persiflage 
[le] alay
ChineseS German To ChineseS - persiflage 
[die] 戏弄。嘲弄。挖苦。
French German To French - persiflage 
n. pastiche (f), persiflage (m)
Italian German To Italian - persiflage 
n. canzonatura (f)
Spanish German To Spanish - persiflage 
n. parodia (f)
Turkish German To Turkish - persiflage 
önemsemeyis, alay
French Italian To French - persiflage 
(generale) persiflage (m); raillerie (f); moquerie (f)


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