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English Italian To English - petardo 
n. petard, firecracker, squib, cracker, maroon
English Portuguese To English - petardo 
(m) n. petard, bomb
English Spanish To English - petardo 
n. petard, explosive device; firecracker, noisemaker made of gunpowder wrapped in paper
French Italian To French - petardo 
(fuochi d'artificio) pétard (m)
German Italian To German - petardo 
n. petarde, knallfrosch, knallkörper
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - petardo 
n. 花火 (hua1 huo3), 砲仗 (pao4 zhang5), 爆竹 (bao4 zhu2)
French Spanish To French - petardo 
1. (general) feu d'artifice
2. (fuegos artificiales) pétard (m)
German Spanish To German - petardo 
n. feuerwerkskörper, sprengkörper, knallkörper, knallfrosch, petarde, frosch, schmarren
Korean Spanish To Korean - petardo 
n. 폭관, 폭열
Russian Spanish To Russian - petardo 
n. петарда


 Synonyms for petardo
castagnola: mortaretto, bombetta, detonante

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