Definition of pettifog Pronunciation
1. To quibble over trivial matters; nitpick
Don't pettifog or we will soon grow weary.
2. To do a petty business as a lawyer, or carry out law business in a petty or tricky way.
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English - English - pettifog Pronunciation
v. cheat, deceive; swindle, defraud
English - Spanish - pettifog Pronunciation
v. pretender de abogado, chapucear
English - French - pettifog Pronunciation
v. tromper; escroquer; décevoir
English - German - pettifog Pronunciation
v. Schliche od. Kniffe anwenden
English - Italian - pettifog Pronunciation
v. cavillare, arzigogolare, sofisticare; ricorrere a cavilli legali
English - Portuguese - pettifog Pronunciation
v. chicanear; enganar, trapacear
English - Russian - pettifog Pronunciation
г. сутяжничать, заниматься кляузами; вздорить из-за пустяков
English - Turkish - pettifog Pronunciation
teferruata bogul
English - Dutch - pettifog Pronunciation
ww. chicaneren, muggeziften
English - Greek - pettifog Pronunciation
ρήμ. δικολαβώ, στρεψοδικώ
English - Chinese - pettifog Pronunciation
(动) 做讼棍, 挑剔, 讲歪理
English - Chinese - pettifog Pronunciation
(動) 做訟棍, 挑剔, 講歪理
English - Japanese - pettifog Pronunciation
(動) 屁理屈を言う; 弁解する, 言い訳する; こじつける
English - Korean - pettifog Pronunciation
동. 궤변을 늘어놓다

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Dictionary Extension
Verb forms for pettifog
Present participle: pettifogging
Present: pettifog (3.person: pettifogs)
Past: pettifogged
Future: will pettifog
Present conditional: would pettifog
Present Perfect: have pettifogged (3.person: has pettifogged)
Past Perfect: had pettifogged
Future Perfect: will have pettifogged
Past conditional: would have pettifogged