Definition of pewter Pronunciation
1. An alloy of approximately 93–98% tin, 1–2% copper, and the balance of antimony.
2. An alloy of tin and lead.
3. Items made of pewter.
4. A dark, dull grey colour, like that of the metal.
Pewter color:
5. Of a dark, dull grey colour, like that of the metal.
6. To coat with pewter.
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English - English - pewter Pronunciation
n. alloy made from tin with smaller amounts of lead copper or brass
English - Spanish - pewter Pronunciation
s. peltre, estaño
English - French - pewter Pronunciation
n. étain; poterie d'étain
English - German - pewter Pronunciation
n. Zinngefäß, Zinngerät, Preispokal; Hartzinn
English - Italian - pewter Pronunciation
s. peltro; vaso di peltro; (collett) vasellame di peltro; (sport) trofeo, coppa
English - Portuguese - pewter Pronunciation
s. peltre; vasilha de peltre
English - Russian - pewter Pronunciation
с. сплав олова со свинцом, сплав на оловянной основе, оловянная посуда, оловянная кружка, приз
English - Turkish - pewter Pronunciation
s. kalaylı, kalaydan yapılmış
i. kalay ve kurşun alaşımı, kalay kap
English - Dutch - pewter Pronunciation
zn. tinlegering, tinnen kan, geld of beker als prijs
English - Greek - pewter Pronunciation
επίθ. κασσίτερος
ουσ. κράμα κασσίτερου
English - Chinese - pewter Pronunciation
(名) 白蜡, 奖赏
English - Chinese - pewter Pronunciation
(名) 白蠟, 獎賞
English - Japanese - pewter Pronunciation
(名) しろめ; しろめ製品
English - Korean - pewter Pronunciation
명. 땜납

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metal: alloy, brass, bronze