Definition of phantasm Pronunciation
1. Something seen but having no physical reality; a phantom or apparition.
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English - English - phantasm Pronunciation
n. ghost, spirit of the dead, specter; work of the imagination, fantasy
English - Spanish - phantasm Pronunciation
s. fantasma, espectro
English - French - phantasm Pronunciation
n. illusion; apparition
English - German - phantasm Pronunciation
n. Trugbild, Hirngespinst; Wahngebilde, Gespenstererscheinung
English - Italian - phantasm Pronunciation
s. illusione, immagine illusoria, fantasma; spirito, spettro
English - Portuguese - phantasm Pronunciation
s. fantasma; fantasia
English - Russian - phantasm Pronunciation
с. фантом, призрак, иллюзия
English - Turkish - phantasm Pronunciation
i. hayalet, hayali görüntü, tayf, siluet
English - Dutch - phantasm Pronunciation
zn. droombeeld; hersenschim
English - Greek - phantasm Pronunciation
ουσ. φάσμα, φάντασμα
English - Chinese - phantasm Pronunciation
(名) 幻像, 幽灵, 幻影
English - Chinese - phantasm Pronunciation
(名) 幻像, 幽靈, 幻影
English - Japanese - phantasm Pronunciation
(名) 幻; 幽霊, お化け
English - Korean - phantasm Pronunciation
명. 환상

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Synonyms for phantasm
illusion: apparition, hallucination, ghost, spectre, phantom, vision, chimera