Definition of photomicrographic Pronunciation
1. Relating to photomicrography.
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English - English - photomicrographic Pronunciation
adj. photographed through a microscope
English - Spanish - photomicrographic Pronunciation
adj. De fotografía a través del microscopio
English - French - photomicrographic Pronunciation
adj. photomicrographique, relatif à la photomicrographie, photographie au microscope
English - German - photomicrographic Pronunciation
adj. photomikrographisch (mit Hilfe eins Mikroskops fotografiert)
English - Italian - photomicrographic Pronunciation
agg. fotomicrografico (di fotografia eseguita al microscopio)
English - Portuguese - photomicrographic Pronunciation
adj. fotomicrográfico, fotografado através de microscópio
English - Japanese - photomicrographic Pronunciation
(形) 顕微鏡写真の; 顕微鏡写真で得られる

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