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English English - Definition of pick on someone 
choose someone; tease someone, harass someone; nag someone
Spanish English To Spanish - pick on someone 
poner verde a alguien
German English To German - pick on someone 
jemanden belästigen
Italian English To Italian - pick on someone 
trovare da ridire su, criticare, infastidire
Portuguese English To Portuguese - pick on someone 
atormentar alguém
ChineseS English To ChineseS - pick on someone 
找...的岔, 对...唠叨指责; 挑选; 选中
ChineseT English To ChineseT - pick on someone 
找...的岔, 對...嘮叨指責; 挑選; 選中
Japanese English To Japanese - pick on someone 
誰かを選ぶ; 誰かをいじめる, 誰かを悩ませる; 誰かを苦しめる


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