Definition of pipe Pronunciation
1. Wind instrument.
1. Music A wind instrument consisting of a tube, often lined with holes to allow for adjustment in pitch, sounded by blowing into the tube.
2. Music A hollow tube used to produce sound in an organ; an organ pipe.
3. The key or sound of the voice.
4. A high-pitched sound, especially of a bird.
2. Hollow conduit.
5. A rigid tube that transports water, steam, or other fluid, as used in plumbing and numerous other applications.
6. A tubular passageway in the human body; the windpipe, a blood vessel.
7. Historical An anonymous satire or essay, insulting and frequently libellous, written on a piece of paper which was rolled up and left somewhere public where it could be found and thus spread, to embarrass the author's enemies.
8. Slang A man's penis.
3. Container.
9. A large container for storing liquids or foodstuffs; now especially, a vat or cask of wine or cider.
10. The contents of such a vessel, as a liquid measure; sometimes set at 126 wine gallons; half a tun.
4. Something resembling a tube.
11. Decorative edging stitched to the hems or seams of an object made of fabric (clothing, hats, pillows, curtains, etc.); often a contrasting color.
12. Mining An elongated or irregular body or vein of ore.
13. Geology A vertical conduit through the Earth's crust below a volcano, through which magma has passed; often filled with volcanic breccia.
14. Heading In computing.
15. A type of pasta, similar to macaroni.
16. Lacrosse One of the goalposts of the goal.
5. Smoking implement.
17. Smoking A hollow stem with bowl at one end used for smoking, especially a tobacco pipe but also including various other forms such as a water pipe.
18. Historical The distance travelled between two rest periods during which one could smoke a pipe.
6. To convey or transport (something) by means of pipes.
7. To install or configure with pipes.
8. To play music on a pipe instrument, such as a bagpipe.
9. To signal or order by a note pattern on a bosun's pipe.
10. To lead or conduct as if by pipes, especially by wired transmission.
11. To decorate with piping.
12. To dab away moisture from.
13. To shout loudly and at high pitch.
14. To directly feed (the output of one program) as input to another program, indicated by the pipe character at the command line.
15. To emit or have a shrill sound like that of a pipe; to whistle.
16. To become hollow in the process of solidifying; said of an ingot of metal.
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English - English - pipe Pronunciation
n. tube; tube used for smoking tobacco; windpipe, trachea; flute; whistle; whistling sound, toot; character which instructs an operating system to direct output of one program to the input of another program (Computers)
v. convey a fluid through pipes, transport a liquid through pipes; make a high-pitched sound, make a shrill sound
n. pipe
English - Spanish - pipe Pronunciation
s. tubería, arcaduz, cañería, caño, conducto, encañado, tubo; (inform.) pipe, conexión de programa temporaria entre dos programas o comandos
v. canalizar, conducir por tubería, encañar, entubar, transportar por oleoducto; tocar el caramillo; tocar la gaita; adornar con ribete; interpretar con el caramillo, tocar con el caramillo
English - French - pipe Pronunciation
n. tuyau, pipe, pipeau; sifflet; sifflement; canal de transmission (informatique)
v. siffler; faire couler, amener un liquide
English - German - pipe Pronunciation
n. Rohr, Leitung, Flöte, Pfeife; (Comput) Befehl an das Betriebssystem die Ausgabe eines Programms zur Eingabe eines anderen Programmes zu leiten
v. Wasser leiten; flöten, pfeifen
English - Italian - pipe Pronunciation
s. tubo; condotto; zufolo; fischietto; pipa; (inform.) segnale che indica al sistema operativo la necessità di dar via libera all'ingresso di dati (interrompendo l'uscita di altri)
v. convogliare in tubazioni; provvedere di tubazioni; (Mus) sonare con uno strumento a fiato; dire con voce stridula; (fam) trasmettere per filo; (Mar) chiamare col fischio; salutare col fischio
English - Portuguese - pipe Pronunciation
s. cano; cachimbo; tubo; flauta; gaita; assovio; (informática) sinal que pede ao sistema operacional mandar o emissor de um programa para o receptor de outro programa
v. tocar qualquer instrumento de sopro; gritar; apitar
English - Russian - pipe Pronunciation
с. труба, трубопровод; курительная трубка; свирель, волынка, боцманская дудка, свисток; пение, свист, голос; дыхательные пути, песчаная труба [геол.], усадочная раковина
г. играть на свирели, призывать свирелью, вызывать дудкой, приманивать вабиком; свистеть, пищать, петь, плакать; отделывать кантом; снабжать трубами, пускать по трубам; передавать по радио; покрывать сахарной глазурью
English - Turkish - pipe Pronunciation
f. boru ile taşımak, boru hattından sevketmek, boru çalmak, kaval çalmak, düdük çalmak, ıslık çalmak, hopârlörle duyurmak, ince sesle söylemek, şeritle süslemek, sutaşı geçirmek
i. boru, pipo, kaval, düdük, baca, cıvıltı, kuş sesi, şarkı söyleyen ses, nefes borusu, dev şarap fıçısı (yakl. 400 lt.)
French - English - pipe Pronunciation
(f) n. pipe
German - English - pipe Pronunciation
pipe, Pipe
English - Dutch - pipe Pronunciation
zn. pijp, buis, cilindrisch : cilindrische ertsader, fluitje, bootsmansfluitje, fluitsignaal, signaal, gefluit, stem, luchtpijp, tabakspijp, :: r ï,ïi in
English - Greek - pipe Pronunciation
ουσ. αγωγός, αυλός, σωλήνας, σωλήν, πίπα, πίπα καπνίσματος, τσιμπούκι
ρήμ. αυλώ, συρίζω, διοχετεύω διά σωλήνων, εφοδιάζω με σωλήνας
French - Spanish - pipe Pronunciation
(action de fumer) pipa (f)
German - Spanish - pipe Pronunciation
n. pipa (f)
French - German - pipe Pronunciation
n. pfeife
French - Italian - pipe Pronunciation
(action de fumer) pipa (f)
French - Portuguese - pipe Pronunciation
(action de fumer) cachimbo (m)
French - Russian - pipe Pronunciation
n. курительный: курительная трубка (f)
French - Turkish - pipe Pronunciation
[la] çubuk, pipo
German - Italian - pipe Pronunciation
n. cannella della botte (f), pipa (f)
French - Dutch - pipe Pronunciation
(action de fumer) pijp (m/f); tabakspijp (m/f)
English - Chinese - pipe Pronunciation
(名) 管; 烟斗, 抽烟的管子; 导管, 气管; 笛子; 口哨; 口哨的声音, 嘟嘟声; 指导操作系统引导一个程序输出到另一个程序输入的符号 (计算机用语)
(动) 以管输送, 吹哨子; 吹笛, 尖叫
English - Chinese - pipe Pronunciation
(名) 管, 輸送管, 導管; 管樂器; 煙斗; 笛
(動) 以管輸送, 吹哨子; 吹笛, 尖叫
English - Japanese - pipe Pronunciation
(動) 管で送る; 配管する; 笛で吹く
(名) 管, 導管, パイプ; 1服分; 笛; (コンピュータ)パイプ, あるコマンドの処理結果を他のコマンドで順次処理していくために複数のコマンドを連結すること
English - Korean - pipe Pronunciation
명. 파이프, 담배 파이프, 관, 피리, 갑판장의 호각, 호각, 피리소리, 물관, 인체내의 물관, 큰 통, 포도주의 큰 통
동. 관을 통해 유동시키다, 관으로 흘러보내다; 호각소리를 내다

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Synonyms for pipe
1. tobacco pipe
2. tube: cylinder, conduit, duct, funnel, passage, pipeline
3. wind instrument: flute, recorder, fife, whistle
Verb forms for pipe
Present participle: piping
Present: pipe (3.person: pipes)
Past: piped
Future: will pipe
Present conditional: would pipe
Present Perfect: have piped (3.person: has piped)
Past Perfect: had piped
Future Perfect: will have piped
Past conditional: would have piped