Definition of pity Pronunciation
1. A feeling of sympathy at the misfortune or suffering of someone or something.
2. Something regrettable.
It's a pity you're feeling unwell because there's a party on tonight.
3. Piety.
4. To feel pity for (someone or something).
5. To make (someone) feel pity; to provoke the sympathy or compassion of.
6. Short form of what a pity.
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English - English - pity Pronunciation
n. mercy, compassion; sympathy, commiseration
v. have mercy on, feel compassion for, commiserate with, sympathize with
English - Spanish - pity Pronunciation
s. piedad, compasión, conmiseración, enternecimiento, lástima, misericordia
v. compadecer, apiadarse de, compadecerse de
English - French - pity Pronunciation
n. pitié, compassion, appitoiement, attendrissement; sympathie
v. compatir, prendre en pitié; sympathiser avec
English - German - pity Pronunciation
n. Mitleid; Erbarmen; Mitgefühl
v. Mitleid haben; bemitleiden
English - Italian - pity Pronunciation
s. compassione, pietà, misericordia, pena, carità; peccato
v. compatire, compiangere, commiserare, provare pietà per, avere pietà di
English - Portuguese - pity Pronunciation
s. misericórdia; piedade
v. ter piedade de
English - Russian - pity Pronunciation
с. жалость, сострадание, сожаление, печальный факт
г. жалеть, соболезновать
English - Turkish - pity Pronunciation
f. acımak, merhamet etmek
i. merhamet, acıma, acınacak şey, yazık
English - Dutch - pity Pronunciation
zn. medelijden
ww. medelijden hebben met
English - Greek - pity Pronunciation
ουσ. οίκτος, κρίμα, έλεος, ευσπλαχνία
ρήμ. οικτίρω, ευσπλαχνίζομαι
English - Chinese - pity Pronunciation
(名) 憾事, 同情, 怜悯
(动) 怜悯; 同情; 可怜
English - Chinese - pity Pronunciation
(名) 憾事, 同情, 憐憫
(動) 憐憫; 同情; 可憐
English - Japanese - pity Pronunciation
(動) 同情する; 哀れむ
(名) 哀れみ; 残念なこと
English - Korean - pity Pronunciation
명. 불쌍함
동. 불쌍히 생각하다, 가엾게 생각하다

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Dictionary Extension
Synonyms for pity
1. commiserate: condole, comfort, feel for
2. compassion: leniency, commiseration, rue, charity, condolence, mercy
Verb forms for pity
Present participle: pitying
Present: pity (3.person: pities)
Past: pitied
Future: will pity
Present conditional: would pity
Present Perfect: have pitied (3.person: has pitied)
Past Perfect: had pitied
Future Perfect: will have pitied
Past conditional: would have pitied