Definition of placard Pronunciation
1. A sheet of paper or cardboard with a written or printed announcement on one side for display in a public place.
2. A public proclamation; a manifesto or edict issued by authority.
3. Permission given by authority; a license.
To give a placard to do something
4. An extra plate on the lower part of the breastplate or backplate of armour.
5. A kind of stomacher, often adorned with jewels, worn in the fifteenth century and later.
6. To affix a placard to.
7. To announce with placards.
To placard a sale
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English - English - placard Pronunciation
n. poster, banner; public notice, announcement displayed in a public place
v. post notices, post announcements; publicize, announce using notices or posters
n. cupboard, locker; placard, poster; bill
English - Spanish - placard Pronunciation
s. pancarta, cartel, folleto, letrero, panfleto
v. fijar carteles, colocar carteles, pegar carteles
English - French - placard Pronunciation
n. affiche, plaquette, annonce
v. placarder
English - German - placard Pronunciation
n. Plakat; Anschlagezettel
v. anschlagen, durch Anschlag bekanntmachen; mit Plakat bekleben
English - Indonesian - placard Pronunciation
n. pelekat, plakat, lembaran pengumuman
v. merekatkan
English - Italian - placard Pronunciation
s. manifesto, cartello, cartellone, tabellone; avviso pubblicitario
v. affiggere manifesti su, coprire di cartelli; fare pubblicità con manifesti a; (fig) dare pubblicità a
English - Polish - placard Pronunciation
n. afisz, plakat
v. rozlepiać afisze, plakatować
English - Portuguese - placard Pronunciation
s. letreiro; anúncio; cartaz
v. afixar anúncios ou cartazes; publicar por meio de cartazes
English - Romanian - placard Pronunciation
n. placardă, pancartă, afiş
v. acoperi cu afişe, pune placarde
English - Russian - placard Pronunciation
с. афиша, плакат
г. расклеивать, использовать плакаты для рекламы
English - Turkish - placard Pronunciation
f. afiş yapıştırmak, afişlerle duyurmak
i. afiş
English - Ukrainian - placard Pronunciation
n. афіша, плакат, едикт, транспарант
v. афіша: розвішувати афіші, плакат: використовувати плакати для реклами
French - English - placard Pronunciation
(m) n. cupboard, locker; placard, poster; bill
English - Dutch - placard Pronunciation
zn. plakkaat, aanplakbiljet, plakbrief
ww. aanplakken, aanplakken : door aanplakken bekend maken, bekend maken, aankondigen
English - Greek - placard Pronunciation
ουσ. τοιχοκόλλημα, αφίσα, πλακάτ
ρήμ. τοιχοκολλώ
French - Spanish - placard Pronunciation
1. (réclame) cartel (m); afiche (m)(Lat. Amer.)
2. (meubles) armario (m); alacena (f)
French - German - placard Pronunciation
n. druckfahne, korrekturfahne, fahne, wandschrank, schrank, wandkasten, anbauschrank, anschlagzettel, anschlag, abzug, aushang, schränkchen
French - Italian - placard Pronunciation
1. (réclame) manifesto (m); affisso (m); cartellone (m)
2. (meubles) credenza (f)
French - Portuguese - placard Pronunciation
1. (réclame) cartaz (m); pôster (m)
2. (meubles) guarda-louça (m)
French - Russian - placard Pronunciation
n. дверной наличник (m), шкаф стенной (m), стенной шкаф (m), плакат (m), гранка (m)
French - Turkish - placard Pronunciation
[le] gömme dolap; duvar ilanı, afiş; baskı provası
French - Dutch - placard Pronunciation
1. (réclame) affiche (m/f/n); aanplakbiljet (n); poster (m); plakkaat (n) (Belgium)
2. (meubles) kast (m/f)
English - Arabic - placard Pronunciation
‏إعلان، لافتة، لوحة إعلانية‏
‏علق إعلانا، أعلن عن‏
English - Chinese - placard Pronunciation
(名) 公告, 海报, 布告
(动) 公告, 张贴, 布告
English - Chinese - placard Pronunciation
(名) 公告, 海報, 布告
(動) 公告, 張貼, 布告
English - Hindi - placard Pronunciation
n. विज्ञापन-पत्र, घोषणापत्र, इश्तहार, पोस्टर
v. दीवार पर विज्ञापन चिपकाना, विज्ञापन-पत्र लगाना, घोषणापत्र लगा देना
English - Japanese - placard Pronunciation
(動) 掲示する; プラカードで示す; 広告する
(名) プラカード, 広告, ポスター
English - Korean - placard Pronunciation
명. 플래카드, 방, 방문
동. ...에 전단을 붙이다
English - Vietnamese - placard Pronunciation
n. tờ yến thị, cáo thị, giấy thông báo
v. dán cáo thị

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Dictionary Extension
Verb forms for placard
Present participle: placarding
Present: placard (3.person: placards)
Past: placarded
Future: will placard
Present conditional: would placard
Present Perfect: have placarded (3.person: has placarded)
Past Perfect: had placarded
Future Perfect: will have placarded
Past conditional: would have placarded