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English English - Definition of plagued 
[plague] v. bother, harass; annoy, pester
Spanish English To Spanish - plagued 
[plague] v. plagar, infectar, infestar; asediar, asar, incomodar, molestar sin cesar, mortificar, mosconear
French English To French - plagued 
[plague] v. tourmenter; harceler; embêter; raser
German English To German - plagued 
[plague] v. plagen; quälen; heimsuchen
Italian English To Italian - plagued 
[plague] v. colpire; appestare; assillare, affliggere, perseguitare, tormentare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - plagued 
[plague] v. atormentar; importunar
Russian English To Russian - plagued 
[plague] г. досаждать, выклянчивать, надоедать, беспокоить, зачумлять
Turkish English To Turkish - plagued 
[plague] f. belâ olmak, belâsını vermek, bezdirmek, cezalandırmak
Greek English To Greek - plagued 
[plague] ρήμ. βασανίζω, μαστίζω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - plagued 
[plague] (动) 折磨, 使得灾祸, 使苦恼
ChineseT English To ChineseT - plagued 
[plague] (動) 折磨, 使得災禍, 使苦惱
Japanese English To Japanese - plagued 
[plague] (動) 悩ます; 苦しめる; はびこる; 伝染する
Korean English To Korean - plagued 
[plague] 동. 괴롭히다, 귀찮게 하다; 고통스럽게 하다
adjective: (often followed by `with' or used in combination) troubled by or encroached upon in large numbers Example:Drug-plagued streets.


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