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English English - Definition of platonism 
[Platonism] n. philosophy of Plato, doctrines of Plato
Spanish English To Spanish - platonism 
[Platonism] s. platonismo
French English To French - platonism 
[Platonism] n. platonisme, phiilosophie de Platon, doctrines de Platon (philosophe grec)
German English To German - platonism 
[Platonism] n. Platonismus, Philosophoie des Platons, Lehren Platons
Italian English To Italian - platonism 
[Platonism] s. (Filos) platonismo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - platonism 
[Platonism] s. platonismo (a filosofia de Platão)
Russian English To Russian - platonism 
платоническая любовь; учение о платонической любви; учение платона; философия платона
Turkish English To Turkish - platonism 
i. Eflatunculuk, Platonculuk.
Greek English To Greek - platonism 
[Platonism] ουσ. πλατωνισμός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - platonism 
[Platonism] (名) 柏拉图哲学; 精神恋爱主义; 精神恋爱
ChineseT English To ChineseT - platonism 
[Platonism] (名) 柏拉圖哲學; 精神戀愛主義; 精神戀愛
Japanese English To Japanese - platonism 
[Platonism] (名) プラトン哲学; 精神的恋愛; プラトン主義
noun: (philosophy) the philosophical doctrine that abstract concepts exist independent of their names


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