Definition of pleasant Pronunciation
1. Giving pleasure; pleasing in manner.
We had a pleasant walk around the town.
It wasn't so hot outside, but pleasant enough to have lunch in the garden.
2. A wit; a humorist; a buffoon.
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English - English - pleasant Pronunciation
adj. genial, nice, agreeable; lively; pleasing; kind, amiable, friendly; good-natured
English - Spanish - pleasant Pronunciation
adj. agradable, afable, ameno, apacible, grato, gustoso, placentero, simpático, sonriente
English - French - pleasant Pronunciation
adj. plaisant, agréable, sympathique
English - German - pleasant Pronunciation
adj. angenehm
English - Italian - pleasant Pronunciation
agg. piacevole, gradevole, simpatico, gradito; amabile, affabile, cordiale; bello
English - Portuguese - pleasant Pronunciation
adj. agradável; confortável
English - Russian - pleasant Pronunciation
прил. приятный, милый, отрадный, славный, веселый, шутливый
English - Turkish - pleasant Pronunciation
s. hoş, güzel, keyifli, tatlı, şirin, sevimli
English - Dutch - pleasant Pronunciation
bn. aangenaam, heuglijk, prettig, riant, vrolijk, opgeruimd, grappig, genoeglijk
English - Greek - pleasant Pronunciation
επίθ. ευχάριστος, τερπνός
English - Chinese - pleasant Pronunciation
(形) 愉快的, 亲切的, 可爱的
English - Chinese - pleasant Pronunciation
(形) 愉快的, 親切的, 可愛的
English - Japanese - pleasant Pronunciation
(形) 楽しい; 感じのよい
English - Korean - pleasant Pronunciation
형. 유쾌한, 쾌활한, 친절한

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