Definition of plexiglas Pronunciation
1. A light transparent weather resistant thermoplastic.
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English - English - plexiglas Pronunciation
[Plexiglas] n. hard flexible plastic used instead of glass
n. Plexiglas, hard flexible plastic used instead of glass
n. Plexiglass, hard flexible plastic used instead of glass
English - Spanish - plexiglas Pronunciation
[Plexiglas] s. plexiglás
English - French - plexiglas Pronunciation
[Plexiglas] n. plexiglas, matière de plastique dur qui remplace les vitres
English - German - plexiglas Pronunciation
[Plexiglas] n. Plexiglas, glasartiger Kunststoff
English - Italian - plexiglas Pronunciation
[Plexiglas] s. plexigas (tipo di vetro plastico molto resistente)
English - Portuguese - plexiglas Pronunciation
[Plexiglas] s. Plexiglas, vidro plástico
English - Russian - plexiglas Pronunciation
с. плексиглас (M)
English - Turkish - plexiglas Pronunciation
French - English - plexiglas Pronunciation
(m) n. Plexiglass, hard flexible plastic used instead of glass
German - English - plexiglas Pronunciation
n. acrylic glass
Italian - English - plexiglas Pronunciation
n. perspex, tough transparent plastic material
Romanian - English - plexiglas
n. plexiglass, perspex
Dutch - English - plexiglas Pronunciation
n. perspex
English - Greek - plexiglas Pronunciation
[Plexiglas] ουσ. πλέξιγκλας
French - German - plexiglas Pronunciation
n. plexiglas
German - French - plexiglas Pronunciation
n. plexiglas (m)
German - Italian - plexiglas Pronunciation
n. plexiglas (m)
Italian - German - plexiglas Pronunciation
n. plexiglas
English - Arabic - plexiglas Pronunciation
‏زجاج الوقاية، زجاجي‏
English - Chinese - plexiglas Pronunciation
[Plexiglas] (名) 树脂玻璃
English - Chinese - plexiglas Pronunciation
[Plexiglas] (名) 樹脂玻璃
English - Japanese - plexiglas Pronunciation
[Plexiglas] (名) プレクシグラス
German - Chinese - plexiglas Pronunciation
[das] 树脂玻璃。有机玻璃。

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