Definition of pocket-size Pronunciation
1. Small enough to be carried in a garment pocket.
Pocket-size paperbacks.
2. Limited in size or scope.
A small business.
A newspaper with a modest circulation.
Small-scale plans.
A pocket-size country.
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English - Spanish - pocket-size Pronunciation
adj. bolsillo: de bolsillo
English - French - pocket-size Pronunciation
English - German - pocket-size Pronunciation
Taschen..., im Taschenformat
English - Italian - pocket-size Pronunciation
agg. piccolissimo, tascabile
English - Russian - pocket-size Pronunciation
прил. карманный: карманного размера, формат: небольшого формата, миниатюрный
English - Turkish - pocket-size Pronunciation
s. cep tipi, küçük boy
English - Dutch - pocket-size Pronunciation
bn. zakformaat : in zakformaat
English - Chinese - pocket-size Pronunciation
adj. 可置于口袋的 (ke3 zhı4 yu2 kou3 daı4 de5), 袖珍 (xıu4 zhen1)
English - Chinese - pocket-size Pronunciation
adj. 可置於口袋的 (ke3 zhı4 yu2 kou3 daı4 de5), 袖珍 (xıu4 zhen1)

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