n. purse, wallet, handbag; notebook, small pad of paper
n. paperback, soft-binding book, soft-cover book
English - Spanish - pocketbook Pronunciation
s. cartera portafolios, libreta de notas, libro de bolsillo; bolso, monedero
English - French - pocketbook Pronunciation
n. carnet; portefeuille; livre de poche; sac à main
English - German - pocketbook Pronunciation
n. Taschenbuch; Notizbuch; Geldscheintasche
English - Italian - pocketbook Pronunciation
s. libro tascabile
English - Portuguese - pocketbook Pronunciation
s. agenda; livro de bolso; carteira
English - Russian - pocketbook Pronunciation
с. карманная книга
English - Turkish - pocketbook Pronunciation
i. 1. el çantası. 2. İng. cep defteri. 3. İng. cüzdan.
Italian - English - pocketbook Pronunciation
n. paperback, soft-binding book, soft-cover book
English - Greek - pocketbook Pronunciation
ουσ. βιβλίο τσέπης, πορτοφόλι
English - Chinese - pocketbook Pronunciation
(名) 笔记本, 皮夹, 钱袋
English - Chinese - pocketbook Pronunciation
(名) 筆記本, 皮夾, 錢袋
English - Japanese - pocketbook Pronunciation
(名) ハンドバッグ; ペーパーバック; 手帳; 財布
English - Korean - pocketbook Pronunciation
명. 지갑, 핸드백; 메모장
German - Chinese - pocketbook Pronunciation
[das] ① 小笔记本 ② 袖珍本。口袋书。
noun: pocket-sized paperback book
noun: your personal financial means Example:That car is too expensive for my pocketbook.
noun: a bag used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women)
noun: a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money
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