Definition of pockmark Pronunciation
1. A mark or scar in the skin caused by a pock.
2. A crater in the seafloor caused by erupting gas or liquid
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English - English - pockmark Pronunciation
n. indentation in skin caused by smallpox or acne
English - Spanish - pockmark Pronunciation
s. cicatriz de viruelas, cacaraña, carcaña, hoyo de viruela, picadura de viruela, señal de viruela
English - French - pockmark Pronunciation
n. trace de petite vérole
English - German - pockmark Pronunciation
n. Pockennarbe
English - Indonesian - pockmark Pronunciation
n. tapuk
English - Italian - pockmark Pronunciation
s. buttero
English - Polish - pockmark Pronunciation
n. dziób po ospie
English - Portuguese - pockmark Pronunciation
s. cicatriz causada por acne ou catapora
English - Russian - pockmark Pronunciation
оспина; рябина
English - Turkish - pockmark Pronunciation
i. çiçek bozuğu
English - Ukrainian - pockmark Pronunciation
n. віспина, ряботина
English - Dutch - pockmark Pronunciation
zn. pokputje, put, gat
English - Greek - pockmark Pronunciation
ουσ. λακκίσκος ευλογίας
English - Arabic - pockmark Pronunciation
‏نافط الوجه‏
English - Chinese - pockmark Pronunciation
(名) 痘疤; 凹坑; 麻子; 凹痕
English - Chinese - pockmark Pronunciation
(名) 痘疤; 凹坑; 麻子; 凹痕
English - Japanese - pockmark Pronunciation
(名) あばた
English - Korean - pockmark Pronunciation
명. 마맛자국, 곰보 자국
English - Vietnamese - pockmark Pronunciation
n. sẹo

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Verb forms for pockmark
Present participle: pockmarking
Present: pockmark (3.person: pockmarks)
Past: pockmarked
Future: will pockmark
Present conditional: would pockmark
Present Perfect: have pockmarked (3.person: has pockmarked)
Past Perfect: had pockmarked
Future Perfect: will have pockmarked
Past conditional: would have pockmarked