Definition of police Pronunciation
1. A civil force granted the legal authority for law enforcement and maintaining public order.
Call the police!
The police operating in New York City operate under the New York City Police Department, several other City agencies and boards, and several public authorities.
2. A police officer.
3. Policy.
4. Communal living; civilization.
5. The regulation of a given community or society; administration, law and order etc.
6. To enforce the law and keep order among (a group).
Extra security was hired to police the crowd at the big game.
7. To patrol or clean up an area.
8. To enforce norms or standards upon.
To police a person's identity
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English - English - police Pronunciation
n. civil service unit devoted to maintaining law and order; constables, officers of the law
v. keep watch, guard, supervise; patrol, maintain law and order
n. policy, insurance contract
English - Spanish - police Pronunciation
s. policía, polizonte; fuerza policial
v. vigilar, custodiar, mantener el orden, monitorear, patrullar
English - French - police Pronunciation
n. police, policiers; représentant de la loi, officiers
v. contrôler; surveiller; superviser, patrouiller, faire maintenir la loi
English - German - police Pronunciation
n. Polizei; Polizisten
v. kontrollieren; überwachen
English - Italian - police Pronunciation
s. polizia; forze di polizia, poliziotti; ordine pubblico
v. presidiare, mantenere l'ordine pubblico su; (fig) mantenere l'ordine in
English - Portuguese - police Pronunciation
s. polícia; policiais
v. vigiar; policiar
English - Russian - police Pronunciation
с. полиция, полицейский, полицейские силы, наряд [воен.]; уборка, поддержание чистоты
г. поддерживать порядок, нести полицейскую службу, обеспечивать полицией; охранять, чистить, приводить в порядок, контролировать
English - Turkish - police Pronunciation
f. polislerle güvenliği sağlamak, güvenliği sağlamak, yönetmek, kontrol altında tutmak, garnizonu temiz tutmak
i. polis, zabıta, inzibat, nöbet, güvenliği sağlama
s. polis
French - English - police Pronunciation
(f) n. police, civil service unit devoted to maintaining law and order; constabulary, police force
German - English - police Pronunciation
n. policy
English - Dutch - police Pronunciation
zn. politie; politieagenten
ww. toezicht houden op; van politie voorzien
English - Greek - police Pronunciation
ουσ. αστυνομία
French - Spanish - police Pronunciation
1. (général) policía (f)
2. (assurance) póliza de seguro; póliza (f)
3. (général) policía (f); cuerpo de policía
German - Spanish - police Pronunciation
n. póliza (f)
French - German - police Pronunciation
n. polizei, police
French - Italian - police Pronunciation
1. (général) polizia (f)
2. (assurance) polizza assicurativa; polizza d'assicurazione; polizza (f)
3. (général) polizia (f); corpo di polizia
French - Portuguese - police Pronunciation
1. (général) polícia (f)
2. (assurance) apólice de seguro; apólice (f)
3. (général) polícia (f)
French - Russian - police Pronunciation
n. полиция (f), полицейские силы (f)
German - French - police Pronunciation
n. police d'assurance (f), police (f)
German - Italian - police Pronunciation
n. polizza (f)
German - Russian - police Pronunciation
n. полис (f)
German - Turkish - police Pronunciation
i. poliçe (f)
French - Dutch - police Pronunciation
1. (général) politie (f)
2. (assurance) assurantiepolis (m/f); verzekeringspolis (m/f); polis (m/f)
3. (général) politiemacht (m/f); politiekorps (n); politie (f)
German - Dutch - police Pronunciation
English - Chinese - police Pronunciation
(名) 警察, 警察当局
(动) 管辖, 维持治安
English - Chinese - police Pronunciation
(名) 警察, 警察當局
(動) 管轄, 維持治安
English - Japanese - police Pronunciation
(名) 警察; 警官; 警備隊
(動) 治安を保つ; 管理する
English - Korean - police Pronunciation
명. 경찰; 치안대, 보안대
동. ...에 경찰을 두다, ...의 치안을 유지하다, 단속하다, 경찰 등으로 단속하다
German - Chinese - police Pronunciation

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Synonyms for police
1. control: regulate, patrol, guard, watch
2. patrolman: policeman, cop, constabulary, officer
Verb forms for police
Present participle: policing
Present: police (3.person: polices)
Past: policed
Future: will police
Present conditional: would police
Present Perfect: have policed (3.person: has policed)
Past Perfect: had policed
Future Perfect: will have policed
Past conditional: would have policed