Definition of polyamide Pronunciation
1. Any of a range of polymers containing amide (or peptide) repeat units; examples include proteins and nylon
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English - English - polyamide Pronunciation
n. synthetic chemical compound
n. polyamide, synthetic chemical compound
English - Spanish - polyamide Pronunciation
s. Poliamid (materia sintética)
English - French - polyamide Pronunciation
n. polyamide (matière synthétique)
English - German - polyamide Pronunciation
n. Polyamid (hornartiger Kunststoff, der zu Fasern, Borsten, Folien, Lacken, Spritzgußmassen, u.a. verarbeitet wird)
English - Italian - polyamide Pronunciation
s. poliamide (sostanza sintetica)
English - Portuguese - polyamide Pronunciation
s. poliamida (substância sintética)
English - Russian - polyamide Pronunciation
English - Turkish - polyamide Pronunciation
i. poliamid
French - English - polyamide Pronunciation
(m) n. polyamide, synthetic chemical compound
German - English - polyamide Pronunciation
n. synthetic chemical compound
Dutch - English - polyamide Pronunciation
n. polyamide
English - Dutch - polyamide Pronunciation
zn. polyamide
English - Greek - polyamide Pronunciation
ουσ. πολυαμίδη
French - Spanish - polyamide Pronunciation
(chimie) poliamida (m)
French - Italian - polyamide Pronunciation
(chimie) poliammide (m)
French - Portuguese - polyamide Pronunciation
(chimie) poliamida (f)
German - Turkish - polyamide Pronunciation
poliamit, poliyamit
Dutch - French - polyamide Pronunciation
(chemie) polyamide (m)
French - Dutch - polyamide Pronunciation
(chimie) polyamide (n)
English - Chinese - polyamide Pronunciation
(名) 聚醯胺纤维
English - Chinese - polyamide Pronunciation
(名) 聚醯胺纖維
English - Japanese - polyamide Pronunciation
(名) ポリアミド
English - Korean - polyamide Pronunciation
명. 폴리아미드

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