Definition of popinjay Pronunciation
1. A decorative image of a parrot on a tapestry, cloth etc.
2. A parrot.
3. A heraldic representation of a parrot.
4. A vain, gaudy person; someone who is shallow or superficial.
5. A target to shoot at, typically stuffed with feathers or plumage.
6. The green woodpecker, Picus viridis.
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English - English - popinjay Pronunciation
n. showoff, arrogant person; braggart, boastful person; fop, man who is overly concerned with his appearance; parrot (type of bird)
English - Spanish - popinjay Pronunciation
s. fantoche; petimetre, pedante
English - French - popinjay Pronunciation
n. fat, freluquet
English - German - popinjay Pronunciation
n. Geck, Laffe, Fatzke; Vogel
English - Indonesian - popinjay Pronunciation
n. penyolek, burung nuri, kakaktua, kakatua
English - Italian - popinjay Pronunciation
s. persona frivola; zerbinotto, damerino, bellimbusto; (Ornit, dial) picchio verde; (Arald, rar) pappagallo
English - Polish - popinjay Pronunciation
n. papuga, strojniś, goguś, modniś
English - Portuguese - popinjay Pronunciation
s. janota, pelintra; arrogante; brigão; papagaio (ave)
English - Romanian - popinjay Pronunciation
n. papagal
English - Russian - popinjay Pronunciation
с. фат, щеголь, хлыщ; зеленый дятел, попугай; мишень для стрельбы в виде попугая
English - Turkish - popinjay Pronunciation
i. züppe, papağan, papağan şeklindeki ok hedefi
English - Ukrainian - popinjay Pronunciation
n. чепурун, папуга
English - Dutch - popinjay Pronunciation
zn. verwaand persoon, papegaai
English - Greek - popinjay Pronunciation
ουσ. παπαγάλος
English - Arabic - popinjay Pronunciation
‏مغرور، المتبجح، طائش، حقير‏
English - Chinese - popinjay Pronunciation
(名) 鹦鹉, 花花公子, 讲究穿着的人
English - Chinese - popinjay Pronunciation
(名) 鸚鵡, 花花公子, 講究穿著的人
English - Hindi - popinjay Pronunciation
n. शुक, तोता, गर्ववाला मनुष्य, छैला, बाँका
English - Japanese - popinjay Pronunciation
(名) 気取り屋
English - Korean - popinjay Pronunciation
명. 앵무새처럼 수다스러운 맵시꾼
English - Vietnamese - popinjay Pronunciation
n. con két, con vẹt, loại chim gỏ kiến, người tự phụ

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