Definition of poppy Pronunciation
1. Any plant of the species Papaver, with crumpled often red petals and a milky juice.
2. A bright red colour, tinted with orange, like that of the poppy flower.
Poppy color:
3. A simple artificial poppy worn in the buttonhole to remember the fallen in the two World Wars, especially around Remembrance Sunday.
4. Of a bright red color, tinted with orange, like that of the poppy flower.
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English - English - poppy Pronunciation
n. plant that produces bright flowers, plant from which opium is made
English - Spanish - poppy Pronunciation
s. amapola, ababa, ababol, adormidera
English - French - poppy Pronunciation
n. coquelicot,pavot
English - German - poppy Pronunciation
n. Mohn
English - Indonesian - poppy Pronunciation
n. apiun, bunga madat
English - Italian - poppy Pronunciation
s. (Bot) papavero; oppio
English - Polish - poppy Pronunciation
n. mak roślina
English - Portuguese - poppy Pronunciation
s. papoula
English - Romanian - poppy Pronunciation
n. mac
English - Russian - poppy Pronunciation
с. мак, мак опийный
English - Turkish - poppy Pronunciation
i. gelincik, haşhaş, afyon, gelincik kırmızısı
English - Ukrainian - poppy Pronunciation
n. опійний мак, видюк, мак
English - Dutch - poppy Pronunciation
zn. papaver, maankop, klaproos, opium
English - Greek - poppy Pronunciation
ουσ. παπαρούνα
English - Arabic - poppy Pronunciation
‏خشخاش نبات مخدر، لون أحمر فاتح‏
English - Chinese - poppy Pronunciation
(名) 罂粟, 深红色
English - Chinese - poppy Pronunciation
(名) 罌粟, 深紅色
English - Hindi - poppy Pronunciation
n. पोस्ता, खसखस, अफ़ीम
English - Japanese - poppy Pronunciation
(名) ケシ
English - Korean - poppy Pronunciation
명. 양귀비
English - Vietnamese - poppy Pronunciation
n. cây anh túc
German - Chinese - poppy Pronunciation

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