Definition of popularize Pronunciation
1. Make understandable to the general public.
Carl Sagan popularized cosmology in his books.
2. Cater to popular taste to make popular and present to the general public; bring into general or common use.
They popularized coffee in Washington State.
Relativity Theory was vulgarized by these authors.
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English - English - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] v. make popular; simplify, remove unnecessary details; explain in a manner suited to the general public (also popularise)
v. catch on; popularize, vulgarize
English - Spanish - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] v. popularizar, vulgarizar
English - French - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] v. vulgariser; populariser
English - German - popularize Pronunciation
Amer.) ] v. vereinfachen; populär machen; popularisieren
English - Indonesian - popularize Pronunciation
v. tenar: menjadikan tenar, mempopulerkan, melariskan
English - Italian - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] v. diffondere, rendere popolare, divulgare
English - Polish - popularize Pronunciation
v. popularyzować, spopularyzować, propagować
English - Portuguese - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] v. popularizar; explicar de forma popular; vulgarizar; divulgar; fazer ficar popular
English - Romanian - popularize Pronunciation
v. populariza, face reclamă, vulgariza
English - Russian - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] г. популяризировать, излагать в общедоступной форме
English - Turkish - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] f. halka sevdirmek, basite indirgemek, tutulmasını sağlamak
English - Ukrainian - popularize Pronunciation
v. популяризувати, демократизувати, викладати популярно
English - Dutch - popularize Pronunciation
ww. populariseren, popularizeren
English - Greek - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] ρήμ. καθιστώ λαϊκόν, καθιστώ δημοφιλή
English - Arabic - popularize Pronunciation
‏أشاع، نشر، عمم، جعله شعبيا‏
English - Chinese - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] (动) 使通俗化; 宣传; 普及
English - Chinese - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] (動) 使通俗化; 宣傳; 普及
English - Hindi - popularize Pronunciation
v. प्रचलित करना, प्रसिद्ध करना, बहुपिय बनाना
English - Japanese - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] (動) 大衆化する; 一般化する
English - Korean - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] 동. 대중화하다, 통속화하다
English - Vietnamese - popularize Pronunciation
v. truyền bá, phổ cập trong quần chúng

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Verb forms for popularize
Present participle: popularizing
Present: popularize (3.person: popularizes)
Past: popularized
Future: will popularize
Present conditional: would popularize
Present Perfect: have popularized (3.person: has popularized)
Past Perfect: had popularized
Future Perfect: will have popularized
Past conditional: would have popularized