[popularize (Amer.) ] v. make popular; simplify, remove unnecessary details; explain in a manner suited to the general public (also popularise)
v. catch on; popularize, vulgarize
English - Spanish - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] v. popularizar, vulgarizar
English - French - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] v. vulgariser; populariser
English - German - popularize Pronunciation
Amer.) ] v. vereinfachen; populär machen; popularisieren
English - Italian - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] v. diffondere, rendere popolare, divulgare
English - Portuguese - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] v. popularizar; explicar de forma popular; vulgarizar; divulgar; fazer ficar popular
English - Russian - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] г. популяризировать, излагать в общедоступной форме
English - Turkish - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] f. halka sevdirmek, basite indirgemek, tutulmasını sağlamak
English - Albanian - popularize Pronunciation
v. popullarizoj, popullor: e bëj popullor, vulgarizoj, thjeshtëzoj
English - Dutch - popularize Pronunciation
ww. populariseren, popularizeren
English - Greek - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] ρήμ. καθιστώ λαϊκόν, καθιστώ δημοφιλή
English - Chinese - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] (动) 使通俗化; 宣传; 普及
English - Chinese - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] (動) 使通俗化; 宣傳; 普及
English - Japanese - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] (動) 大衆化する; 一般化する
English - Korean - popularize Pronunciation
[popularize (Amer.) ] 동. 대중화하다, 통속화하다
verb: make understandable to the general public Example:Carl Sagan popularized cosmology in his books.
verb: cater to popular taste to make popular and present to the general public; bring into general or common use Example:They popularized coffee in Washington State.

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Verb forms for popularize
Present participle: popularizing
Present: popularize (3.person: popularizes)
Past: popularized
Future: will popularize
Present conditional: would popularize
Present Perfect: have popularized (3.person: has popularized)
Past Perfect: had popularized
Future Perfect: will have popularized
Past conditional: would have popularized