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English English - Definition of portentous 
adj. boding evil; prophesying bad events; impressive, amazing; ideal, exemplary; pompous, arrogant
Spanish English To Spanish - portentous 
adj. portentoso, descomunal, fenomenal, monumental; de mal agüero, ominoso
French English To French - portentous 
adj. de mauvais augure; sinistre; impressionnant; exemplaire; pontifiant
German English To German - portentous 
adj. unheilvoll
Italian English To Italian - portentous 
agg. premonitore; sinistro, infausto; portentoso, prodigioso; pomposo, borioso, vanitoso; ampolloso, ridondante
Portuguese English To Portuguese - portentous 
adj. aquele que traz maus prenúncios; aquele que profetiza desgraças; prodígio; impressionante; primoroso; brilhante
Russian English To Russian - portentous 
прил. зловещий, предсказывающий дурное, необыкновенный, удивительный, важный, напыщенный
Turkish English To Turkish - portentous 
s. uğursuz, kötü, mucizevi, olağanüstü
Albanian English To Albanian - portentous 
adj. ogurzi, ndjellakeq, habitshëm: i habitshëm
Dutch English To Dutch - portentous 
bn. onheilspellend, plechtig, veelbetekenend, ontzaglijk
Greek English To Greek - portentous 
επίθ. δυσοίωνος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - portentous 
(形) 前兆的, 可惊的, 不吉的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - portentous 
(形) 前兆的, 可驚的, 不吉的
Japanese English To Japanese - portentous 
(形) 前兆となる; 驚くべき; もったいぶった; 不吉な
Korean English To Korean - portentous 
형. 전조의, 놀랄 만한, 장중한
adjective: of momentous or ominous significance Example:Such a portentous. ..monster raised all my curiosity- Herman Melville.
adjective: of ominous significance
adjective: puffed up with vanity


 Synonyms for portentous
1. extraordinary: phenomenal, remarkable, amazing, incredible, astounding, indescribable, wondrous
2. ominous: foreboding, inauspicious, prophetic, forewarning, threatening, ill-fated, menacing
3. momentous: crucial, major, fraught, serious, consequential, significant, climacteric

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