Definition of portion Pronunciation
1. An allocated amount.
2. That which is divided off or separated, as a part from a whole; a separated part of anything.
3. One's fate; lot.
4. The part of an estate given or falling to a child or heir; an inheritance.
5. A wife's fortune; a dowry.
6. To divide into amounts, as for allocation to specific purposes.
7. To endow with a portion or inheritance.
Him portioned maids, apprenticed orphans, blest. — Alexander Pope.
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English - English - portion Pronunciation
n. part, piece; serving of food; allotment, allocation; dowry
v. divide into parts, partition; allocate, allot, ration
n. helping, serving, portion of food served
English - Spanish - portion Pronunciation
s. porción, cuota, dosis, parte, pedazo, ración, un tanto
v. repartir, distribuir, dividir, hacer repartición de
English - French - portion Pronunciation
n. part, partie, portion, ration; allocation; dot
v. portionner; partager
English - German - portion Pronunciation
n. Teil; Anteil; Zuteilung; Mitgift
v. zuteilen; aufteilen
English - Italian - portion Pronunciation
s. parte, porzione; quota; (Dir) parte d'eredità; (fig) destino, sorte, fato
v. spartire, ripartire, suddividere; assegnare una parte a
English - Portuguese - portion Pronunciation
s. porção, parte; dote
v. repartir; distribuir; orçar
English - Russian - portion Pronunciation
с. часть, доля, надел, приданое, порция, удел, участь, дача (корма)
г. делить на части, наделять, давать приданое
English - Turkish - portion Pronunciation
f. bölmek, ayırmak, bölüştürmek, porsiyonlamak, çeyiz vermek, miras bırakmak
i. porsiyon, pay, hisse, parça, bölüm, kısım, kısmet, miktar, çeyiz, miras hissesi
French - English - portion Pronunciation
(f) n. portion, share, slice; helping, serving
German - English - portion Pronunciation
n. part, piece; serving of food; allotment, allocation; dowry
English - Dutch - portion Pronunciation
zn. portie, deel, aandeel, erfdeel, bruidschat
ww. verdelen, uitdelen, begiftigen met een bruidsschat, begiftigen met een erfdeel, toewijzen
English - Greek - portion Pronunciation
ουσ. μερίδα, παρτίδα
French - Spanish - portion Pronunciation
1. (part) proporción (f); parte (f)
2. (nourriture) porción (f); ración (f)
3. (quantité) cucharada (f)
German - Spanish - portion Pronunciation
n. porción (f), ración (f), cachito (m)
French - German - portion Pronunciation
n. menge, strecke, ecke, portion, anteil, stück
French - Italian - portion Pronunciation
1. (part) porzione (f)
2. (nourriture) porzione (f)
3. (quantité) pallina (f); cucchiaiata (f)
French - Portuguese - portion Pronunciation
1. (part) proporção (f)
2. (nourriture) porção (f)
3. (quantité) bola (f)
French - Russian - portion Pronunciation
n. порция (f), порция (кушанья) (f), доза (f), пай (f), список акций (f)
German - French - portion Pronunciation
n. portion (f), part (f), louche (f), quantité (f), dose (f), coupe (f)
German - Italian - portion Pronunciation
n. dose (f), porzione (f), razione {mil.} (f)
German - Russian - portion Pronunciation
n. порция (f), дача (f), доля (f), часть (f), доза (f)
German - Turkish - portion Pronunciation
i. porsiyon (f), tabak (f)
French - Dutch - portion Pronunciation
1. (part) gedeelte (n); deel (n); aandeel (n)
2. (nourriture) portie (f)
3. (quantité) schep (m)
German - Dutch - portion Pronunciation
portie ,maaltje ,taks
English - Chinese - portion Pronunciation
(名) 部分; 一份遗产; 一份, 一客; 命运, 定数
(动) 把...分成多份; 给...一份嫁妆; 分配
English - Chinese - portion Pronunciation
(名) 部分; 一份遺產; 一份, 一客; 命運, 定數
(動) 把...分成多份; 給...一份嫁妝; 分配
English - Japanese - portion Pronunciation
(名) 部分; 分け前; 1人前
(動) 分割する; 分け前を与える
English - Korean - portion Pronunciation
명. 일부, 부분; 음식의 인분; 배당금; 지참금
동. 분할하다, 분배하다; 배당으로 주다, 남에게 분여 재산을 주다
German - Chinese - portion Pronunciation
[die] 份额。份。

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Verb forms for portion
Present participle: portioning
Present: portion (3.person: portions)
Past: portioned
Future: will portion
Present conditional: would portion
Present Perfect: have portioned (3.person: has portioned)
Past Perfect: had portioned
Future Perfect: will have portioned
Past conditional: would have portioned