Definition of portrait Pronunciation
1. A painting or other picture of a person, especially the head and shoulders.
2. An accurate depiction of a person, a mood, etc.
The author painted a good portrait of urban life in New York in his latest book.
3. A print orientation where the vertical sides are longer than the horizontal sides.
4. To portray; to draw.
5. Representing the actual features of an individual; not ideal.
A portrait bust; a portrait statue
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English - English - portrait Pronunciation
n. painted or drawn image of a person; vertical page orientation; printing lengthwise on a page (Computers)
n. portrait, painted or drawn image of a person
n. portrait, picture; likeness, portrayal
English - Spanish - portrait Pronunciation
s. retrato, semblanza; (inform.) impresión vertical
English - French - portrait Pronunciation
n. portrait; verticale, impression d'une page en longueur (informatique)
English - German - portrait Pronunciation
n. Porträt; (Comput) vertikales Drucken (Computer)
English - Indonesian - portrait Pronunciation
n. gambar, potret, lukisan
English - Italian - portrait Pronunciation
s. ritratto; (inform.) stampa secondo la lunghezza del foglio
English - Polish - portrait Pronunciation
n. portret
English - Portuguese - portrait Pronunciation
s. retrato; impressão no comprimento da folha (Infomática)
English - Romanian - portrait Pronunciation
n. portret, poză, imagine
English - Russian - portrait Pronunciation
с. портрет, описание, изображение
English - Turkish - portrait Pronunciation
i. portre, vesikalık fotoğraf, tasvir, betimleme
English - Ukrainian - portrait Pronunciation
n. портрет, зображення, образ
French - English - portrait Pronunciation
(m) n. portrait, picture; likeness, portrayal
German - English - portrait Pronunciation
n. painted or drawn image of a person; vertical page orientation; printing lengthwise on a page (Computers)
English - Dutch - portrait Pronunciation
zn. portret, beeld, evenbeeld, beeltenis, beschrijving : levendige beschrijving
English - Greek - portrait Pronunciation
ουσ. εικών, πορτρέτο
French - Spanish - portrait Pronunciation
1. (ressemblance) retrato (m); imagen (f) 2. (travaux de peinture) retrato (m)
3. (caractère) reseña biográfica 4. (art) retrato (m)
5. (description) descripción (f); retrato (m); representación (f)
German - Spanish - portrait Pronunciation
n. retrato (m)
French - German - portrait Pronunciation
n. porträtaufnahme, porträtfotographie, charakteristik, porträt, portrait, brustbild, ebenbild, konterfei, bildnis
French - Italian - portrait Pronunciation
1. (ressemblance) ritratto (m) 2. (travaux de peinture) ritratto (m)
3. (caractère) profilo (m) 4. (art) ritrattistica (f)
5. (description) descrizione (f); ritratto (m)
French - Portuguese - portrait Pronunciation
1. (ressemblance) retrato (m); cópia (f) 2. (travaux de peinture) retrato (m)
3. (caractère) perfil (m) 4. (art) pintura de retratos
5. (description) descrição (f); retrato (m); representação (f)
French - Russian - portrait Pronunciation
n. портрет (m), изображение (m)
French - Turkish - portrait Pronunciation
[le] portre; fotoğraf; tıpkısı, benzeri
German - French - portrait Pronunciation
n. portrait (m)
German - Italian - portrait Pronunciation
n. ritratto (m)
French - Dutch - portrait Pronunciation
1. (ressemblance) evenbeeld (n) 2. (travaux de peinture) portret (n)
3. (caractère) profiel (n); karakterschets (m/f) 4. (art) portrettering (f)
5. (description) beschrijving (f); afschildering (f); voorstelling (f)
German - Dutch - portrait Pronunciation
English - Arabic - portrait Pronunciation
‏صورة، صورة فنية للوجه، لوحة‏
English - Chinese - portrait Pronunciation
(名) 肖像, 人像, 绘画的人的形象; 打印时纸张长宽的定位, 纸短的一边在顶端和底端的打印方式 (计算机用语)
English - Chinese - portrait Pronunciation
(名) 肖像, 人像
English - Hindi - portrait Pronunciation
n. तसवीर, चित्र, प्रतिमा, चेहरा, शकल, आकृति
a. तसवीर-संबंधी, चित्र का
English - Japanese - portrait Pronunciation
(名) 肖像画, 肖像写真; 描写; (コンピュータ)縦方向印刷
English - Korean - portrait Pronunciation
명. 초상, 화상, 초상화, 생생한 묘사, 구경거리, 진영
English - Vietnamese - portrait Pronunciation
n. hình, chân dung
German - Chinese - portrait Pronunciation

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representation: image, likeness, copy, picture, facsimile, effigy