Definition of precipitation Pronunciation
1. Any or all of the forms of water particles, whether liquid or solid, that fall from the atmosphere (e.g., rain, hail, snow or sleet). It is a major class of hydrometeor, but it is distinguished from cloud, fog, dew, rime, frost, etc., in that it must fall. It is distinguished from cloud and virga in that it must reach the ground.
2. A hurried headlong fall.
3. A reaction that leads to the formation of a heavier solid in a lighter liquid; the precipitate so formed at the bottom of the container.
4. Unwise or rash rapidity; sudden haste.
Had acted with some precipitation and had probably started out upon a wild-goose chase -- Dorothy Sayers
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English - English - precipitation Pronunciation
n. haste, rush, hurry; separation of a solid from a solution (Chemistry); condensed moisture that falls from the sky (i.e. rain, snow, hail, etc.)
n. precipitation, haste, dive; hurry, lunge
English - Spanish - precipitation Pronunciation
s. precipitación, apremio, impulsividad, premura; sedimento, depósito
English - French - precipitation Pronunciation
n. précipitation; séparation (de solide); condensation, précipitations atmosphériques
English - German - precipitation Pronunciation
n. Sturz; Niederschlag; überstürzte Hast, Übereilung
English - Italian - precipitation Pronunciation
s. precipitazione, fretta; avventatezza; precipitato
English - Portuguese - precipitation Pronunciation
s. precipitação; arrebatamento; precipício; submerso (chuva, granizo, etc)
English - Russian - precipitation Pronunciation
с. низвержение, стремительность; ускорение, увеличение; осадок
English - Turkish - precipitation Pronunciation
i. aşağı düşme, düşme, acelecilik, telaş, çökeltme, çökelme, yağış
English - Dutch - precipitation Pronunciation
zn. het overhaasten, onbezonnenheid; precipitaat, bezinksel; neerslag (meteo.)
English - Greek - precipitation Pronunciation
ουσ. κατακρήμνιση, βιασύνη, καταστάλαγμα, βροχή, πτώση, μεγάλη βιά, υγροποίηση
English - Chinese - precipitation Pronunciation
(名) 猛然落下; 急躁; 猛冲; 鲁莽
English - Chinese - precipitation Pronunciation
(名) 猛然落下; 急躁; 猛衝; 魯莽
English - Japanese - precipitation Pronunciation
(名) 大慌て, 大急ぎ; 軽率; 落下; 降雨; 沈殿; 降下
English - Korean - precipitation Pronunciation
명. 촉진, 서두름; 침전(화학); 방울져 떨어지기(비 또는 눈등)

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Synonyms for precipitation
1. condensation: rain, sleet, snow, shower, drizzle
2. rashness: impetuosity, recklessness, impulsiveness, carelessness, unrestrained, thoughtlessness