Definition of prejudgment Pronunciation
1. A judgment made before the evidence has been presented
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English - English - prejudgment Pronunciation
n. act of passing judgment ahead of time, act of sentencing in advance; advance decision, early ruling
English - Spanish - prejudgment Pronunciation
s. prejuicio
English - French - prejudgment Pronunciation
n. préjugé
English - German - prejudgment Pronunciation
n. vorschnelles Urteil; Vorurteil
English - Italian - prejudgment Pronunciation
s. pregiudizio; sentenza giudiziaria anticipata
English - Portuguese - prejudgment Pronunciation
s. julgamento de antemão; sentença de antemão
English - Russian - prejudgment Pronunciation
с. предвзятость, предвзятое мнение
English - Turkish - prejudgment Pronunciation
i. yargılamadan verilen hüküm, peşin hüküm, önyargı
English - Greek - prejudgment Pronunciation
ουσ. προδίκαση, πρόωρη κρίση, προκατάληψη
English - Chinese - prejudgment Pronunciation
(名) 在审判前判决; 预断
English - Chinese - prejudgment Pronunciation
(名) 在審判前判決; 預斷
English - Japanese - prejudgment Pronunciation
(名) 予断

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