Definitions and translations for "prepare"

Definition of prepare

1. To make ready for a specific future purpose; to set up; to assemble.
We prepared the spacecraft for takeoff.
2. To make ready for eating or drinking; to cook.
We prepared a fish for dinner.
3. To make oneself ready; to get ready, make preparation.
We prepared for a bumpy ride.
4. To produce or make by combining elements; to synthesize, compound.
She prepared a meal from what was left in the cupboards.
5. Preparation
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English - English - prepare

v. make ready; get oneself ready; put into the proper condition; do; be ready for -
v. prepare, activate, ready; draft, set, organize; dish, brew; get, fix; dress; make, think out, lay; fit, train; groom, gear
adj. prepared, equipped, processed, fit, trim

English - Spanish - prepare

v. preparar, acondicionar, aliñar, alistar, aparar, aparejar, apercibir, aprestar, aprontar, aviar, dejar listo; aderezar; prepararse, aprestarse, disponerse

English - French - prepare

v. préparer, se préparer; apprêter; faire; être prêt à faire

English - German - prepare

v. zubereiten; vorbereiten; fertigmachen; präparieren

English - Indonesian - prepare

v. menyiapkan, mempersiapkan, menyediakan, mempersediakan, mengolah, membuat

English - Italian - prepare

v. preparare, allestire, approntare, predisporre; studiare

English - Polish - prepare

v. przygotować, ugotować, gotować, przysposabiać, uszykować, naszykować, przyszykować, urządzić, przyrządzać, narządzać, preparować, opatrywać, gotować się, przygotować się, przygotowywać, urządzać, narządzić

English - Portuguese - prepare

v. preparar; prevenir; dispor; aprontar; fabricar; acomodar; estar preparado para -

English - Romanian - prepare

v. pregăti, prepara, studia, găti, echipa, griji, redacta, executa, face, fabrica, pregăti: se pregăti

English - Russian - prepare

г. приготавливать, готовить, подготовиться; готовиться, приготавливаться; заготовить, составлять

English - Turkish - prepare

f. hazırlamak, düzmek, hazırlık yapmak

English - Ukrainian - prepare

v. підготовляти, приготувати, підготувати, готуватися, оснащувати, виготовляти, збиратися, вготовити, виготовити, випорядити, готувати, зготувати, злагоджувати, злагоджуватися, ладнати, лаштувати, налагоджувати, напосудити, наряджати, начиняти, підготовлятися, риштувати, споряджати

English - Dutch - prepare

ww. voorbereiden, bereiden, toebereiden, opleiden, klaarmaken, aanmaken, gereedmaken, klaar : zich klaar maken

English - Greek - prepare

ρήμ. προπαρασκευάζω, προετοιμάζω, παρασκευάζω, ετοιμάζω

English - Arabic - prepare

‏جهز، أعد حضر، حضر، هيأ، إستعد، تأهب، دبر، ركب‏

English - Chinese - prepare

(动) 准备; 筹备, 筹划; 使...准备好; 做; 准备, 预备

English - Chinese - prepare

(動) 準備; 籌備, 籌劃; 使...準備好; 做; 準備, 預備

English - Hindi - prepare

v. तैयार करना, प्रस्तुत करना, साधन करना, ठीक करना, सजाना, निर्माण करना

English - Japanese - prepare

(動) 準備する, 用意する; 覚悟する

English - Korean - prepare

동. 준비하다; 준비시키다; 각오하다

English - Vietnamese - prepare

v. sửa soạn, làm đồ ăn, thảo văn kiện, chuẩn bị, dự bị, soạn văn kiện
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Synonyms for prepare
1. make: compose, fit, compound, get, fix, make up, manufacture
2. arrange: anticipate, contrive, devise, get ready, make ready, order, plan
Verb forms for prepare
Present participle: preparing
Present: prepare (3.person: prepares)
Past: prepared
Future: will prepare
Present conditional: would prepare
Present Perfect: have prepared (3.person: has prepared)
Past Perfect: had prepared
Future Perfect: will have prepared
Past conditional: would have prepared