n. part of speech that serves to express the relationship between two words (Grammar)
n. preposition, part of speech that serves to express the relationship between two words (Grammar)
English - Spanish - preposition Pronunciation
s. preposición
English - French - preposition Pronunciation
n. préposition
English - German - preposition Pronunciation
n. Präposition, Verhältniswort
English - Italian - preposition Pronunciation
s. (Gramm) preposizione
English - Portuguese - preposition Pronunciation
s. preposição, parte da gramática que serve para expressar a relação entre duas palavras (Gramática)
English - Russian - preposition Pronunciation
с. предлог, препозиция
English - Turkish - preposition Pronunciation
i. edat, ilgeç
English - Albanian - preposition Pronunciation
n. parafjalë [gram.]
English - Dutch - preposition Pronunciation
zn. voorzetsel
English - Greek - preposition Pronunciation
ουσ. πρόθεση, πρόθεση γραμματικής
English - Chinese - preposition Pronunciation
(名) 介词, 前置词
English - Chinese - preposition Pronunciation
(名) 介詞, 前置詞
English - Japanese - preposition Pronunciation
(名) 前置詞
English - Korean - preposition Pronunciation
명. 전치사(문법)
noun: a function word that combines with a noun or pronoun or noun phrase to form a prepositional phrase that can have an adverbial or adjectival relation to some other word
noun: (linguistics) the placing of one linguistic element before another (as placing a modifier before the word it modifies in a sentence or placing an affix before the base to which it is attached)
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