Definition of preposition Pronunciation
1. Any of a closed class of non-inflecting words typically employed to connect a following noun or a pronoun, in an adjectival or adverbial sense, with some other word: a particle used with a noun or pronoun (in English always in the objective case) to make a phrase limiting some other word.
2. A proposition; an exposition; a discourse.
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English - English - preposition Pronunciation
n. part of speech that serves to express the relationship between two words (Grammar)
n. preposition, part of speech that serves to express the relationship between two words (Grammar)
English - Spanish - preposition Pronunciation
s. preposición
English - French - preposition Pronunciation
n. préposition
English - German - preposition Pronunciation
n. Präposition, Verhältniswort
English - Indonesian - preposition Pronunciation
n. kata depan, kata perangkai, preposisi
English - Italian - preposition Pronunciation
s. (Gramm) preposizione
English - Polish - preposition Pronunciation
n. przyimek {gram.}, prepozycja, pozór
English - Portuguese - preposition Pronunciation
s. preposição, parte da gramática que serve para expressar a relação entre duas palavras (Gramática)
English - Romanian - preposition Pronunciation
n. prepoziţie
English - Russian - preposition Pronunciation
с. предлог, препозиция
English - Turkish - preposition Pronunciation
i. edat, ilgeç
English - Ukrainian - preposition Pronunciation
n. прийменник, препозиція
English - Dutch - preposition Pronunciation
zn. voorzetsel
English - Greek - preposition Pronunciation
ουσ. πρόθεση, πρόθεση γραμματικής
English - Arabic - preposition Pronunciation
‏حرف جر‏
English - Chinese - preposition Pronunciation
(名) 介词, 前置词
English - Chinese - preposition Pronunciation
(名) 介詞, 前置詞
English - Hindi - preposition Pronunciation
n. पूर्वसर्ग
English - Japanese - preposition Pronunciation
(名) 前置詞
English - Korean - preposition Pronunciation
명. 전치사(문법)
English - Vietnamese - preposition Pronunciation
n. chỉ sự liên lạc danh từ với đại danh từ

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