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English English - Definition of presence 
n. attendance, state of being at hand; outward appearance, air, demeanor
n. presence, attendance
Spanish English To Spanish - presence 
s. presencia, acudimiento, asistencia, comparición; representatividad
French English To French - presence 
n. présence; air, mine, extérieur
German English To German - presence 
n. Anwesenheit; Erscheinen
Italian English To Italian - presence 
s. presenza; persona di nobile aspetto; persona che conta; figura
Portuguese English To Portuguese - presence 
s. presença; aparecimento
Russian English To Russian - presence 
с. присутствие, общество, наличие, соседство, непосредственная близость, осанка, внешний вид, явка
Turkish English To Turkish - presence 
i. huzur, hazır bulunma, varlık, varoluş, tavır, yapı, ön, protokol görevlileri
Albanian English To Albanian - presence 
n. prani, paraqitje, pamje
Dutch English To Dutch - presence 
zn. aanwezigheid, tegenwoordigheid, audientie, bijzijn, voorkomen, uiterlijk, presentie
Greek English To Greek - presence 
ουσ. παρουσία, παρουσιαστικό
ChineseS English To ChineseS - presence 
(名) 出席, 存在, 到场
ChineseT English To ChineseT - presence 
(名) 出席, 存在, 到場
Japanese English To Japanese - presence 
(名) 存在; 出席; 面前
Korean English To Korean - presence 
명. 존재, 출석; 태도, 자태
noun: the act of being present
noun: the impression that something is present Example:He felt the presence of an evil force.
noun: the immediate proximity of someone or something Example:She blushed in his presence.
noun: an invisible spiritual being felt to be nearby
noun: the state of being present; current existence Example:He tested for the presence of radon.
noun: dignified manner or conduct


 Synonyms for presence
1. closeness: propinquity, nearness, neighbourhood, proximity, vicinity
2. attendance: occupancy, company, residence
3. appearance: port, aspect, demeanour, bearing, behaviour, carriage, impression

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