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English English - Definition of prestige 
n. reputation for being high quality, good standing within public opinion; good reputation, favorable regard
n. prestige, reputation for being high quality, good standing within public opinion, good reputation, favorable regard
n. prestige, status
Spanish English To Spanish - prestige 
s. prestigio
French English To French - prestige 
n. prestige; célébrité
German English To German - prestige 
n. Ansehen; Prestige
Italian English To Italian - prestige 
s. prestigio, credito, reputazione; fascino
Portuguese English To Portuguese - prestige 
s. prestígio; bom nome; fama
Russian English To Russian - prestige 
с. престиж
Turkish English To Turkish - prestige 
i. prestij, saygınlık, itibar, nüfuz, ün
English French To English - prestige 
(m) n. prestige, status
English German To English - prestige 
n. reputation for being high quality, good standing within public opinion; good reputation, favorable regard
English Dutch To English - prestige 
n. prestige, glamour, glamor, image
Albanian English To Albanian - prestige 
n. autoritet, prestigj
adj. cilësi: i cilësisë së lartë
Dutch English To Dutch - prestige 
zn. prestige, gezag, invloed, aanzien, autoriteit
Greek English To Greek - prestige 
ουσ. γόητρο, κύρος
French Dutch To French - prestige 
(algemeen) prestige (m)
Dutch French To Dutch - prestige 
(général) prestige (n)
Dutch German To Dutch - prestige 
prestigieus ,prestigieuze
ChineseS English To ChineseS - prestige 
(名) 名望, 威望, 声望
ChineseT English To ChineseT - prestige 
(名) 名望, 威望, 聲望
Japanese English To Japanese - prestige 
(名) 名声; 権威; 威信; 偉大
Korean English To Korean - prestige 
명. 명성
German French To German - prestige 
n. geltung, nimbus, prestige, ansehen
Italian French To Italian - prestige 
(général) prestigio (m)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - prestige 
(général) prestígio (m)
Russian French To Russian - prestige 
n. авторитет (m), престиж (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - prestige 
(général) prestigio (m)
Turkish French To Turkish - prestige 
[le] itibar, saygınlık; etki, büyü
ChineseS German To ChineseS - prestige 
French German To French - prestige 
n. prestige (m)
Italian German To Italian - prestige 
n. prestigio (m)
Russian German To Russian - prestige 
n. престиж (n)
Spanish German To Spanish - prestige 
n. prestigio (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - prestige 
i. prestij (n), saygınlık (n)
noun: a high standing achieved through success or influence or wealth etc. Example:He wanted to achieve power and prestige.


 Synonyms for prestige
reputation: dignity, name, status, face, standing

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